How to Do a Detox to Benefit Sensitive Skin / Sönd & Dr. Isabel

How to Do a Detox to Benefit Sensitive Skin / Sönd & Dr. Isabel

How to Do a Detox to Benefit Sensitive Skin / Sönd & Dr. Isabel

I recently shared two videos from a new video series by Sönd and Dr. Isabel Sharkar (from about What a Detox Can Do For Sensitive Skin and The Lymphatic System & Detoxing Sensitive Skin.

The third video is available now and this one is all about how to do a detox correctly. Check out the video below to find out more.

  • “If you are interested in starting a detox it’s important to consult a qualified medical practitioner, because the level of your initial toxicity and any underlying current or chronic medical conditions can impact the detox process. It is also important to start slow, rather than going cold turkey.”
  • “It is important to listen to your body. Doing too much too soon can be counterproductive. Pick a few things that you can incorporate in your lifestyle now, and stick to them, slowly adding other aspects as you go along.”

Find out more here.

“Sönd have a holistic approach to skincare and their main aim is to help people who suffer with sensitive skin understand how to achieve healthy and happy skin through skincare and lifestyle advice and they do this by not just creating results driven products and supplements for the skin but also by collaborating with industry experts to deliver advice on how to take the very best care of sensitive skin.”

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Enter the competition using the widget below and use AMR10 to get 10% off any Sönd product until the 28th February 2017. Terms & Conditions apply. When you enter the competition, you will also get access to a very useful skin detox cheat sheet that will help you through the detox.

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