How to Freshen Up Your Living Room

How to Freshen Up Your Living Room

How to Freshen Up Your Living Room

Feeling that your living room is looking stale or lacks the charm and modernity it once had? In this blog, we’ll explore some of the best ways to revitalise your living room from decluttering to apply new coats of paint to replacing the flooring. Let’s dive in!


To start with, decluttering a living room can go a long way to making the space feel more open and calming. 

Aside from any obvious decluttering, you should consider whether any other elements of your living room (e.g. books on a shelf that are gathering dust, ornaments, candles that go unused etc.) could be moved or removed from the space entirely. 

How to Freshen Up Your Living Room

Repainting or Adding New Wallpaper

Another approach worth considering is to repaint your walls or paint them in a new shade or colour entirely.

If your wall is in need of some fresh coats of paint, be sure to find a suitable option, whether it be the exact same paint used initially (though this may not be possible if you’re unsure what was used or if the very product is no longer available) or a sufficiently similar choice.

Of course, instead, you may want to go for a new paint colour entirely. If unsure how to pull this off correctly or in any doubts regarding finding a suitable option when going for the same colour/shade, it’s best to consult with or hire a professional painter.

Paint prices often end up around several hundred pounds if you are looking to have a living room re-painted, though it can cost more in some cases and particularly if you want several rooms or your entire home interior re-painted.

Adding wallpaper may seem like it belongs to a bygone era, however, there are a ton of contemporary options on the market, including metallic, vinyl, modern floral, bamboo and neo retro wallpaper. 

Whether you want to have your living room repainted or new wallpaper added just be sure to go with an option that works for you and fits well within the space.

How to Freshen Up Your Living Room

New Forms of Storage

Just as decluttering can provide a living room with a new lease of life, so can adding new forms of storage. 

A popular form of storage for a living room is that of storage baskets. For a cosy living room space, storage baskets can act as a popular alternative to more utilitarian options like boxes or even certain types of shelves.

Alternatively, you could, as touched on earlier, use storage elsewhere in your home to put items/elements away until they are needed (e.g. Halloween decorations, Christmas decorations, etc.)

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Replace Your Flooring

Having your flooring replaced is one of the more substantial and costly ways to freshen up a living room.

Some of the best options include vinyl flooring, hardwood flooring, carpet and laminate floors. It’s important to go with a type (in terms of material) and design that works well for your home and preferences.

A new floor can completely revitalise a living room space adding fresh aesthetics and character while helping to modernise the room along with other suitable additions or changes.

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Other Standout Ideas

There are many other ways you could freshen up your living room, including the following approaches:

  • Hire an electrician to introduce new, suitable lighting fixtures
  • Having your current windows replaced with more modern options (e.g. uPVC double-glazed windows)*
  • Considering adding suitable house plants – just make sure they are not poisonous to pets if you have any
  • Look into moving furniture around or even replacing some furniture options
  • Think about the room’s electronics and whether or not you’d like to replace any (e.g. a new TV)

*While modern window framing can add to your living room’s aesthetics, double-glazing can help keep the heat in. This may not ‘freshen up’ your living room per se but it can certainly improve the space and help reduce your heating bills.

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