How to Make Your Home More Sophisticated

How to Make Your Home More Sophisticated A Mum Reviews

How to Make Your Home More Sophisticated

Creating a chic and sophisticated home doesn’t have to cost the earth, nor does it have to mean filling your home with lots of antique pieces if that isn’t your thing. Here are some simple, mostly contemporary ways, to create a sophisticated space for you and your family to enjoy…How to Make Your Home More Sophisticated A Mum Reviews

  • Neutral Tones

The simplest way to make your space look more sophisticated is by decorating it with neutral tones, which are classic and timeless. Whites, creams, greys and taupes will give you the perfect backdrop and ensure your home doesn’t veer too far towards tacky.

  • Natural Materials

Using materials straight from nature will instantly make your home appear more sophisticated because wood and stone have the kind of cache that plastics and other man-made materials simply do not.How to Make Your Home More Sophisticated A Mum Reviews

  • Fewer Pieces of High-Quality Furniture

If you want your space to be sophisticated, taking a leaf out of minimalists’ book is a good idea. What you want to create is a home that is filled with fewer objects of a higher quality. So, instead of wasting your money on lots of unnecessary end tables and bookshelves, use your budget to buy a quality black chesterfield sofa, marble coffee table or impressive four-poster bed. The fewer things you have, the more your quality pieces can shine.

  • When in Doubt, Go for White

There’s a reason why interior designers love white – it really does look effortlessly sophisticated. So, if you’re unsure what colour to decorate your home or which furniture to buy, you can’t really go wrong with white. Of course, if you have kids or pets, having a lot of white might actually be counterproductive, especially if you don’t want to commit to a time-consuming cleaning schedule! Otherwise, white is a safe bet.How to Make Your Home More Sophisticated A Mum Reviews

  • Lavish Lighting

Lighting is important in any home, but if you’re trying to achieve a sophisticated space, it’s even more vital that you choose the right lighting. Chandeliers, Tiffany lamps and modern glass pendant lights all create an expensive look, but heavy shades made from fine fabrics will achieve just as great a level of sophistication too. Whatever light fittings you choose, just make sure that they don’t prevent you from lighting your home enough because a dingy home hardly looks sophisticated no matter how beautifully it is decorated

  • Textures Not Patterns

Patterned furniture and accessories can look garish and unsophisticated, but a home devoid of any accessories can look a bit clinical. That’s why you should aim to add points of interest to your home by using various different textures instead. Mix wood, glass and stone furniture, add cushions and throw pillows made from natural materials and hang mirrors to create pockets of interest all over the place.How to Make Your Home More Sophisticated A Mum Reviews

  • Hide Your Stuff

Using concealed storage will make your home appear more elegant, and you won’t have to worry so much about cleaning and organising your clutter when you have guests over.

Doing the above will help you create a more sophisticated space, for sure, but you shouldn’t forget to add a few personal touches too so that your home actually feels like your home!

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