How To Transform Your Garden With Decorative Lighting

How To Transform Your Garden With Decorative Lighting

How To Transform Your Garden With Decorative Lighting

Whether your garden is acres of land or a smaller yard, it can be completely elevated with decorative outdoor lighting. Illuminating your garden can make for a more attractive space all year round, as well as improve the practicalities of the space, especially on darker evenings. Not to mention the additional security benefits outdoor lighting can offer! This article aims to delve into outdoor lighting and highlight how to transform your garden with decorative lighting.

Different Types Of Decorative Lighting

Decorative outdoor lighting comes in lots of different styles, meaning there is most definitely a piece of lighting that will suit your taste, garden layout and budget.  Whether it be outdoor post lights, outdoor wall lights, outdoor bollard lights or another style that is more to your taste, featuring lights throughout your outdoor space is sure to elevate your garden’s look.

Are you into lighting features that are more contemporary and modern designs? Would you rather the finish be chrome, brass, black or white?  

There are so many different types of decorative lighting – you will really be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing the right outdoor lighting for you.

There are not only different types of light fittings, but also different types of bulbs – again offering a different feel to the space. Choosing between cooler, blue-toned lights and warmer lighting colours can be a difficult choice, both in the home and in the garden – but to create a more natural-looking, cosy space in the garden, we advise opting for warmer bulbs (these tend to be bulbs with under 3,000 Kelvins).

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Where To Position Decorative Lighting In The Garden

Not only does the style of decorative lighting transform your garden, but where you position the lighting throughout the space can also have a tremendous impact on your outdoor space.

Different positioning of decorative lighting offers a varied look and feel to the space.

You could try placing your lights:

  • Mounted on the walls
  • Bordering the lawn
  • Lining the walkway or patio space
  • Along trees using string lights
  • In water features

Decorative Lighting Inspiration

If your style is more retro or antique, why not try featuring an outdoor post light in your garden? These pieces of decorative lighting are similar to the old-style street lamps. Outdoor bollards and posts are another great option as these provide a feature as well as ambient lighting. They are also easier to install.

If modern, contemporary looks are more your cup of tea, maybe box lights mounted on outdoor walls, or even stainless steel light features recessed into decking or bricks is a nice option. Recessed lights are a popular choice, as these slot neatly into garden surfaces, such as the wall, decking or even the grass.

If you would like to opt for a fairytale, picture-perfect look for your garden, hanging string lights along trees is a really pretty way of incorporating decorative lighting into your garden, transforming the space.

How To Transform Your Garden With Decorative Lighting

Security and Safety Benefits Of Outdoor Lighting

A well-lit garden not only looks nice but can also offer additional security and safety benefits to your home.

Highlighting areas of your garden, especially important in the darker winter months, can ensure that you and your guests can move around your garden safely, without running into the risk of tripping, falling or walking into something.

The security benefit of outdoor lighting is that they are likely to disinterest potential trespassers or thieves – sure your garden will look nice, but increasing visibility will likely deter burglars too.


There are so many ways in which incorporating decorative lighting into our outdoor spaces can transform your garden. Experimenting with the style of lighting, the position and even the colour of the bulb can alter your garden from a dark, drab-looking space to a bright, cosy space with additional safety features.

If you are looking at transforming your garden – start with decorative lighting!

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