How to Use Caffeine Pills to Quit Coffee

How to Use Caffeine Pills to Quit Coffee

How to Use Caffeine Pills to Quit Coffee

I, like many people, drink coffee on a daily basis. I drink coffee for energy reasons and also because I enjoy the taste. Being Swedish, I drink my coffee black and strong – and I probably consume more coffee than I should.

There’s no doubt that coffee is addictive. I reduced my caffeine intake to nearly zero for all my pregnancies and have also had a couple of other intentional breaks from coffee in the past – once for a month and once for a full year. The first time I stopped, I clearly had withdrawal symptoms with a bad headache and the urge to sleep through that first day.

If you are looking to reduce your coffee intake, or perhaps quit coffee completely, there are a few things that you can do to make the process smoother and more comfortable so that you don’t lose days to needing more sleep or struggle with extreme headaches.

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When it comes to coffee drinking, there are two main things to tackle if you want to reduce your intake:

  • Habit: Drinking coffee is very much a habit and humans are creatures of habits. If you want to stop drinking coffee completely (not just swapping for decaf coffee), you will need to create new habits.
  • Caffeine Addiction: Changing your habits can be difficult but so is reducing your caffeine intake. If you want to stop being addicted to coffee or caffeine, you need to reduce your caffeine intake and I highly recommend doing this gradually.

Let’s look at how you can approach both of these areas. Here are a few things that you can do:

  • Mix with Decaf: Going cold turkey is likely to cause problems, so I recommend starting your caffeine reduction by swapping your regular coffee for a mix of decaf coffee and regular coffee. You can instantly reduce your caffeine intake to half your usual amount by doing this, if you ensure that you don’t have more cups than usual, of course.
  • Choose New Habits: If you want to stop drinking coffee completely, it’s time to think about creating new habits. Most coffee drinkers reach for their first cup or two straight away in the morning – what will your new morning routine look like? Perhaps you’ll have a caffeine free tea or a smoothie? Figure out what would work for you instead.
  • Try Caffeine Tablets: Another way to help you through quitting coffee is to use caffeine tablets. These offer you the same boost of caffeine without the coffee, so that you can break your coffee habit but still kickstart your morning or combat the mid-afternoon slump with a boost of energy to continue your day feeling productive and energised. Once you have broken your coffee habit, you can reduce the amount of caffeine again (cut the pills in half) if you want to and simply use the caffeine tablets when you feel that you need that extra boost.
How to Use Caffeine Pills to Quit Coffee

Sealions is a British online-only vitamin brand that offers supplements at affordable prices. They have just launched their Caffeine Tablets formulated with 200mg of caffeine per caffeine pill for people who are looking for a reliable energy boost without drinking coffee or tea.

The daily recommended intake of caffeine is 400mg so do not take any more than 2 of these caffeine tablets per 24 hours and calculate your intake carefully if you are consuming other sources of caffeine too.


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