How to Use Window Film for Privacy Around your Home

How to Use Window Film for Privacy Around your Home - Lustalux martha patterned window film

How to Use Window Film for Privacy Around your Home

Modern houses are often close to paths, roads, and neighbours. Thus, other people can easily look into your home if your windows haven’t got any sort of coverings. It’s not always suitable to hang up curtains, blinds, or shutters on all of your windows though. Not only are these options usually quite expensive, but they also limit natural light. Natural light in the home is an important part of a healthy home environment so it’s best not to block it all. Luckily, there are options for enhancing your home’s privacy without blocking the light. In this article, we are going to look at how you can use window film for privacy around your home.

What are the benefits of window film?

There are many benefits of window film. First of all, it’s a very versatile and cost-effective product. Window film can be used in many areas of your home for increased privacy but also for other goals. For example, you can also use window film to increase energy savings, to reduce heat, to protect furniture, art, and yourself from the sun’s damaging UV rays, to eliminate glare in your home office or living room, and for safety and security. Of course, you can also use window film for purely decorative reasons too.

How to Use Window Film for Privacy Around your Home

What kind of window films are there?

There are lots of different types of window films to choose from for your home. Which one is best for you depends on your reasons for installing window film. There are both plain and patterned frosted privacy window film designs available to suit all tastes and styles. There are also colourful designs and fun options for children’s rooms.

Solar control window film is the best option if you want to reduce glare as well as manage room temperature and comfort, in a conservatory for example. There’s also mirrored glass film that you can use to quickly turn regular windows into reflective glass for security or privacy reasons. You can also get stained glass film which is an excellent way to turn a basic window into something spectacular. You can even get window film designs with a number on for your front door. These are just a few of the many options available.

Lustalux martha patterned window film

Can you install window film yourself?

Installing window film yourself can sound like a daunting task if you haven’t done it before. For residential windows it doesn’t have to be a difficult job though. There are window film specialists, like Lustalux at Home, that can provide you with cut-to-size window films, the right tools needed for installation, and clear instructions to follow. Equipped with these and a little bit of patience, you should be able to install window film at home yourself.

Lustalux martha patterned window film

Window film for privacy – Lustalux window film review

We had been considering privacy film for windows for a few areas in our house when we came across Lustalux. Specifically, we were interested in window films for a few of our doors as well as a bay window. We have now installed a couple of options of window film from Lustalux on two doors. I’ll share our experience below.

The first task on our hands was to select which window films to get. There are so many beautiful options for privacy film for windows on the Lustalux website so we had plenty of choice. We wanted to try a plain frosted window film for one door window and a patterned window film for the other. If you’re not sure about which one to go for, you can order free window film samples to look at home before deciding.

Some of the designs are cut to size while others are available in set sizes but with the option to have it cut to size for an additional fee. We tried one of each to get the full experience.

How to Use Window Film for Privacy Around your Home A Mum Reviews

When you shop with Lustalux, a Mini Tool Application Kit is automatically added to your basket. You can remove it if you don’t want it, of course. We highly recommend getting it though. It’s only £5.50 and comes with all the tools you need to make the DIY window film application go smoothly. The only other thing you need is a clean spray bottle with some water and a few drops of washing up liquid.

Lustalux plain frosted window film

– Lustalux window film installation

My husband is the handy one in our family and also the one with the most patience so he took charge of installing the window films from Lustalux. With your order, you get a practice piece of window film which is great. This means that you can get a feel for how the product works before starting with the real application. The installation was much easier than we expected. The correct tools from the Mini Tool Application Kit really helped.

Lustalux martha patterned window film

We chose the Martha Patterned Window Film for one of the doors. For this option, we provided the exact measurements of the window. Because of this, the installation was super quick and easy as we didn’t need to cut anything ourselves.

Lustalux plain frosted window film

We cut the other window film, the Plain Frosted Window Film, ourselves. Naturally, this required a bit more work. We used our kitchen table, a steel ruler, and some craft cutting mats for this. The knife included in the tool kit was nice and sharp so cutting the film went well.

Lustalux martha patterned window film

– The result: Lustalux window film for privacy

We are very happy with the results of having window film on these two doors. The end result is exactly what I wanted – increased privacy, while keeping all the natural light. You can’t see in or out through the windows anymore, but you can still enjoy the daylight. We are really happy with the whole process and will look at installing window film for privacy on our bay window next.


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