Important Business Maintenance Jobs to Remember

Important Business Maintenance Jobs to Remember

Important Business Maintenance Jobs to Remember

If you are running a commercial office, it is likely that there are quite a few maintenance jobs that you need to remember to arrange for your workplace to ensure that it’s a safe and hygienic place to work in. Of course, there are the obvious daily or weekly cleaning jobs but in this article we will look at some important, bigger jobs that are more likely to get forgotten.

  • Duct Cleaning

The ducts that you can perhaps see in the ceiling of your workspace are part of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system and are needed to ensure good indoor air quality and for temperature control. To work properly, they need regular cleaning so make sure you add extraction cleaning to your priority list. Fresh air, warmth and air conditioning are all important aspects of a healthy working environment after all.

Important Business Maintenance Jobs to Remember
  • Deep Cleaning

Most areas in the office need a deep clean a few times a year too. Things like carpets and soft furniture can be steam cleaned for a thorough clean to remove dirt and germs and any areas behind or under furniture need to be vacuum cleaned and/or wiped down every now and then too. If you have a kitchen space in your office, this should be cleaned daily but with a more thorough additional clean every week or so. Another job that needs doing every now and then will be pipe and drain maintenance in both the kitchen area and the staff toilets. Food and soap build up in drains and regular attention will mean this task doesn’t turn into a big job. 

  • Window Cleaning

Windows get dirty quickly, especially if your workspace is in a city and facing the road. Dirty windows really affect the look and feel of your office so either schedule in regular window cleaner visits or book one as soon as you notice the windows looking a bit grotty. This usually becomes very obvious when the sun starts to shine more in the spring so, if you haven’t done so already, book in a spring window cleaning session now. 

Important Business Maintenance Jobs to Remember
  • Paintwork Refresh

Walls in an office need regular upkeep too. This can be really simple by having all the walls the same colour and a tin of paint and a roller ready to be used for touch ups or you can hire a painter to come and do a refresh of the paintwork once a year or so to keep it looking its best. 

  • Inspect the Details

Many items around the office need regular inspection. This can be things like making sure that electrical items are working properly and also things like inspecting furniture to make sure that they are in good working order. There might be screws that need tightening on the office chairs or furniture that needs adjusting or perhaps a few items that simply need replacing.

Important Business Maintenance Jobs to Remember

Keep your workspace in tip top condition by remembering the above maintenance tasks. By doing so, you will help keep the office a pleasant place to work in and avoid smaller jobs building up and turning into bigger problems. 


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