HOW to Drink Your Wines – Are You A True Wine Connoisseur?

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Infographic Reveals HOW to Drink Your Wines – Are You A True Wine Connoisseur?

Some of us like wine, and others view themselves as connoisseurs. Suffice to say, scouring the supermarkets for the cheapest bottle falls into the former category.

However, if you are serious about becoming part of the C-group, then a recent infographic may be of interest. We were recently sent the following, by the team at Wine Cellar Innovations, which details all the different glasses you need to turn to for different drinks, including wines.

There are 65 drinks in total, as you can see from the below:

HOW to Drink Your Wines infographic By

As you can see, almost a third of the infographic is dedicated to wine. It quickly becomes apparent that not all wines are equal ⁠— and we’re not referring to the color of the beverage.

For example, in the case of red wine, five different glasses are showcased. Much of the time the name of the glass reveals all though. For example, there are Zinfandels, Pinot Noir, Cabernet and Large Bordeaux glasses. Suffice to say, each caters for its namesake.

If we scan down the infographic, a similar pattern arises with white wines ⁠— although the names aren’t always as obvious. Sure, the infographic shows Chardonnay glasses, but it then looks at others which don’t give as much away. For example, the Flute (perhaps one of the most common glasses) is designed for sparkling wines. Then, if we move onto a Viognier glass – this is designed for fruity wines.

The situation becomes a little clearer for Rose, where there is just one type of glass. Now you know all about how to drink your wine… well, at least which kind of glass to use! You’ll feel more like a connoisseur and, if you’re hosting a dinner party, you can impress your guests with your knowledge and plenty of wine, of course.

All in all, for anyone looking to showcase their wine knowledge a little more, we found this to be an interesting resource. Granted, few of us can hold such stock of these glasses, but even just adding a couple to your arsenal can make all the difference to your wine tasting experience.

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