Interior Designer Recommended Space Creating Tips

Interior Designer Recommended Space Creating Tips

Interior Designer Recommended Space Creating Tips

The secret to a spacious, well-designed home often lies not just in its size but also in how well the space is utilized. As interior designers attest, strategic planning and clever design can make even the most compact homes feel spacious and comfortable. Let’s explore some top interior designer-recommended tips for creating space, with a focus on open-plan designs and double-glazed doors.

  • Declutter and Organize

Clutter-free spaces look more open and inviting. Interior designers often recommend a minimalist approach, urging clients to keep only what is necessary or holds sentimental value. Regularly clearing your clutter and investing in smart storage solutions can dramatically open up your living spaces. Floating shelves, hidden storage in multifunctional furniture, and built-in cabinets are great ways to organize while keeping your areas tidy and spacious.

  • Strategic Use of Colour

Colour plays a vital role in our perception of space. Designers often suggest using lighter shades to make rooms appear larger and brighter. Soft tones like off-white, beige, or pastels reflect more light, helping to create an airy, open ambience. For added depth and interest, you might incorporate accent colours through smaller items like pillows, rugs, or artwork.

  • The Magic of Double-Glazed Doors

Internal doors play a significant role in shaping the flow and feel of your home. Glazed doors, particularly, can make a world of difference in creating the perception of more space. These doors, crafted with two layers of glass, let in ample natural light, which enhances the sense of openness. They also provide insulation, keeping your home comfortable all year round.

Whether used as French doors between living and dining spaces or as sliding patio doors leading to the garden, these double-glazed doors serve as visual connectors between spaces. By offering unobstructed views, they create a smooth transition between indoors and outdoors and between rooms, giving an illusion of extended space.

Consider incorporating double-glazed doors with slim frames for maximum light and view. If privacy is a concern, frosted or tinted glass can be used without losing the benefit of light transmission

  • Mirrors and Reflective Surfaces

Mirrors can dramatically open up a space by reflecting light and creating an illusion of extended space. Designers recommend placing mirrors opposite windows or light sources to maximize their light-reflecting capacity. Reflective surfaces, such as glass or polished metal furniture and décor, also contribute to a sense of spaciousness.

  • Creating an Open Plan Design

Open-plan layouts are a primary feature of modern home design. By eliminating unnecessary internal walls, open plans create a seamless flow from one space to another, making areas look and feel more spacious. As Interior designer Sandy Burgham says, “An open plan design gives a sense of freedom, fluidity, and light.”

However, it’s also crucial to define individual zones within an open layout for different activities. That can be achieved using furniture arrangement, rugs, or light fixtures to subtly outline each area without interrupting the overall open feeling.

  • The Right Furniture and Arrangement

Size-appropriate furniture can make a room feel more spacious. Opt for pieces that fit the scale of your room. A gigantic sofa might seem luxurious, but it can also make a room feel cramped. Designers often suggest furniture with exposed legs to create a sense of lightness.

The arrangement also matters. Pushing furniture against walls can open up central space, but creating conversational groups in the middle of a large room can make it feel cosy and intimate without compromising the perception of space.

Remember, creating space is as much about visual manipulation as it is about physical dimensions. By decluttering, using light colours, leveraging mirrors, adopting open-plan designs, utilizing double-glazed doors, and choosing the right furniture, you can transform your home into a spacious haven. Each of these interior designer-recommended tips contributes to creating a home that breathes — a space that’s not just bigger but better.

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