Interior Details: Demand for Vinyl Flooring on the Rise

Interior Details: Demand for Vinyl Flooring on the Rise A Mum Reviews

Interior Details: Demand for Vinyl Flooring on the Rise

2020 has seen a huge increase in demand for luxury vinyl flooring with more and more people during lockdown deciding to engage in home renovations that are not costly, easy to install without professional help and above all else gives their home a much better look than prior.

With money a huge factor and stagnant home decor every day being another, when researching what is the best option its no surprise luxury vinyl wins every category.

Why the Demand for Vinyl Flooring on the Rise

  • Easy Maintenance

With more people at home that means more instances of cleaning and unusual levels of heavy traffic through the house.

As people we are not meant to spend this much time indoors so the decision to install vinyl with its durable properties over other options is a no brainer. Cleaning of the floor can be done within minutes and for those who order takeout or take time to cook themselves, there is much less threat of spillages and stains due to anti stain properties that vinyl encompasses.

Interior Details: Demand for Vinyl Flooring on the Rise A Mum Reviews

  • Wider Selection

Let’s face it; vinyl can replicate any kind of flooring choice at a fraction of the cost.

Also, it comes with the added benefit that if you choose wood vinyl you won’t be getting splitters or chippings. If you choose stone you won’t have cracks or disrupted floors from having to replace real stone. If you are looking for a look of cement or ceramic then you won’t be getting cold feet with the added bonus of being a perfect partner for underfloor heating which gives you added comfort all year around.

You can even go abstract or delve into further creative options you didn’t think possible.

  • DIY Downtime

Let’s face it; not everyone has expertise on flooring and not everyone has the time to learn how to correctly set wood, stone or concrete.

So it’s comforting that vinyl is very simple to install by either a glue down or click together method in tiles or boards. It can be done in hours or as a weekend project, cut to size so that it’s perfect. Having the right sizes cut to fit means saving on the environment and reducing waste, so if you like jigsaws to relax you can see it as the ultimate pastime whilst the world catches up.

Interior Details: Demand for Vinyl Flooring on the Rise A Mum Reviews

  • Market Leaders Set the Pace

Knowing who to order from when in a state of lockdown is a tough call but luckily the market leaders can provide great satisfaction straight to your door.

Amtico is the number one brand in the UK for providing impressive results on top of their ever expanding impressive ranges. Whether you fancy some Signature Woods or Spacia Stone you can be sure that what you get is the very best texture and quality vinyl. Luvanto is among the most popular vinyl suppliers that have an eye for creative strokes through your home with such ranges as Herringbone and Click to really give your much-needed domicile a touch of character and comfort. Invictus introduces natural elements and intricate layering and border options into your design choices.

With the demand for luxury vinyl flooring set to rise in this ongoing period as a cheaper, simpler and more efficient choice over carpet, wood and stone facades over the floor its a safe investment in making your home truly your own to match your comfort zone.

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