Is it the Right Time for Another Baby?

Is it the Right Time for Another Baby? A Mum Reviews

Is it the Right Time for Another Baby?

Having your first baby is a huge life changing decision but so is choosing to have a second (or a third or more!). Adding to your family will change your lifestyle, your family dynamic and maybe relationships between existing family members too.

Of course, having a baby is a lovely thing but it’s also important to think about how it will affect your life and if the timing is good to start trying now.

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Is it the Right Time for Another Baby? A Mum Reviews

How to Know if it’s the Right Time for Another Baby

There are many considerations that most couples think about before trying for another baby and I’ll look at some of these below.

Is it the Right Time for Another Baby? A Mum Reviews

  • Financial Considerations – Can you afford another baby?

If you want to add to your family, it’s naturally a good idea to be in a financially stable place. How is your job security? Do you have some savings? Parental leave often leaves families with less money so it’s important to consider if it’s financially a good time to have another baby as they can cost a lot of money.

Is it the Right Time for Another Baby? A Mum Reviews

  • Career Considerations – Will it work?

If you have a career that you’re passionate about, this is also an important thing to consider. Is the timing good for a break to look after your baby and maybe a few years more until he or she is ready for nursery? Can you easily take a break and return in a few years or will your position be gone? Who’s going to take the parental leave and how long would you like to stay home with your child?

A Mum Reviews

  • Space Considerations – Is your home big enough?

A baby doesn’t take up that much room but babies tend to come with a lot of stuff that does and of course they grow! Soon they’ll need a bigger bed and their own room. Will your home accommodate that, or do you need to consider moving house?

Adding another baby to your family sometimes also means that you need to change your car so that’s something to research and budget for too.

A Mum Reviews

  • Finally, do you WANT another baby?

The most important thing to consider is if you want another baby. If the answer is yes to this question and your healthy, then the other things will fall into place. A longing for another baby is a really good reason to have another baby that you will love. If you’re feeling broody, you know there’s only one thing that will help.

Babies don’t have to cost loads of money and siblings can share a room. Most careers can be put on hold and you and your partner can share the childcare too. If you really want another baby, go for it and you’ll see that you can manage even if your house might be a bit cramped and you have a bit less money to spend.

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