Locks in Goodness Natural Children’s Hair Products

Locks in Goodness Natural Children's Hair Products Review & Giveaway A Mum Reviews

Locks in Goodness Natural Children’s Hair Products Review & Giveaway

I find it quite easy to find natural and eco friendly hair care, skincare and personal care products for adults but the market for children is different and there’s not much choice in this department. I’ve recently discovered a new brand though Locks in Goodness which is a natural hair care brand for children.

“At Locks In Goodness, we believe in natural hair care so we created two products for kids that are bursting with plant-based goodness.

Our Hair Smoothie and Hair Gel  contain no nasties to wonderfully tame and style locks.”

Good children’s hair care products are so hard to find and there’s so much greenwashing out there too with products that claim to be natural and organic but are simply not. Locks in Goodness wanted to create something that was free from impurities and products that are completely safe and natural.

“To us – 100% natural origin means products and ingredients that have been minimally processed and still closely resemble the original plant.”

Locks in Goodness only use ingredients approved by the British Soil Association to ensure that there aren’t any nasties or impurities in their products. The packaging is also safe for the environment with tubes that are 100% recyclable and biodegradable. The packaging is actually made from sugar cane to help reduce the amount of plastic pollution on our planet.

The two products in the range Hair Smoothie and Hair Gel are both organic, vegan and free from nasties.

Locks in Goodness Natural Children's Hair Products Review & Giveaway A Mum Reviews

  • Locks In Goodness Hair Smoothie

This is just what I’ve been looking for! I have three daughters and two of them have long hair that easily tangles. We were using a detangling spray that works well but my husband really didn’t like the smell of our previous one so I’d been looking for an alternative.

This one smells yummy, like cake, and makes hair smooth and tangle free. The product contains natural goodies to care for your children’s hair a dollop of organic aloe leaf juice with a little water, a small nub of shea butter and mixed with other 100% plant-based products, including argan oil, coconut, avocado and jojoba. You use it on wet hair after washing and massage a small amount into the ends and concentrating on any knotty bits, before combing through.

Buy here: Locks in Goodness Natural Hair Smoothie

  • Locks In Goodness Hair Gel

My kids don’t use hair get but I know a lot of kids do so here’s a great, natural alternative made with aloe leaf juice, water and a 100% plant-based natural fixative to provide hold. It’s got shea butter and hair loving oils in it to be nourishing to your child’s hair too. Simply take a generous amount of hair gel and apply to wet hair to create a unique style.

Buy here: Locks in Goodness Natural Hair Gel

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Natural Children's Hair Products & Giveaway A Mum Reviews

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