Low Maintenance Garden Tips

Low Maintenance Garden Tips A Mum Reviews

Low Maintenance Garden Tips

We all like to have a well-maintained garden space that we can enjoy all year round, however, at times we can slip and lose control of the tasks needed to control our gardens. Whether the cooler days are getting in the way or you are finding it hard to find the time there are ways that you can maintain your garden without it swallowing up your time.

It’s nice to enjoy our gardens but it’s not hard to see why so many people get caught in the trap of garden maintenance overtaking the time they have to spend relaxing. Some people may like garden maintenance and see it as a hobby but for others having an easy to maintain garden is important.

Have a look below at some of the ways you can create a low maintenance garden:

Low Maintenance Garden Tips A Mum Reviews

  • Plan Your Garden Set Up 

One of the first things you need to do to create a low maintenance outdoor living space is to have a plan. You should consider aspects such as creating a dedicated seating area, a vegetable patch, create low maintenance flower beds and easy to look after walkways, etc. Plan the layout of your garden so it is separated into smaller areas that you can rotate around for maintaining. With smaller areas to work with you won’t feel as though you’re having to tackle the whole garden each time you have a chance to complete some work.

  • Plant Areas 

If you want to get really easy to maintain garden one of the easiest things you can do is to reduce the amount of planted areas you have and reduce their size. Consider removing or minimising flower bed areas and instead have pots and boxes with a variety of plants. It will not only make it easier to maintain it will mean you can create little spots of colour around your garden. Just bear in mind that some plants need a certain amount of space and therefore need a particular size container. Do some research online about the ideal plants to place in pots before diving in. You could even consider potting bulbs in the cooler months ready for the spring, which will cut down on maintenance you need to complete later.

Low Maintenance Garden Tips A Mum Reviews

  • Your Lawn

There are a few different options that you can choose when it comes to your lawn. If you have a large lawned area you can sometimes feel as though it takes priority and valuable time to cut regularly. The upkeep of a lawn can often be the most time-consuming part of a garden. This is why people are now opting for artificial lawns such as the ones you find at https://www.artificialgrassbasingstoke.co.uk/. Another option is to reduce the size of your lawn or remove it completely. Try cutting the size of your lawn by half and add in a pebbled area or a new seating area to enjoy in the sun.

These three tips should help you to create a low maintenance garden for you to enjoy all year round. Do you have any other tips that you can share in the comments section?

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