Moba Moses Basket Review & Video – The Contemporary Moses Basket

Moba Moses Basket Review & Video - The Contemporary Moses Basket A Mum Reviews

Moba Moses Basket Review & Video – The Contemporary Moses Basket

Nearly eight weeks ago, I had our third baby girl which is very exciting and very exhausting too, of course! The baby days are a lot about trying to get your baby to sleep and stay asleep so that you can get some much needed sleep too… and for that you need somewhere safe and comfortable to put your baby.

With two older children, I know that, for our lifestyle, it’s essential to have a sleeping space both upstairs and downstairs. We have a compact cot next to our bed and a Moba Moses Basket that we mainly keep in the living room downstairs but which we can easily move to other rooms when needed. I often move it to the office/playroom so that my baby can sleep next to me in the Moba Moses Basket when I’m working.

I have always quite liked the idea of a Moses basket but never come across one that I like the look and style of until I saw the Moba.

Traditional wicker ones seem unhygienic to me with lots of places that dust and baby vomit could get stuck (Baby No. 3 is a bit sicky but not as bad as our second daughter who had reflux!) and wicker can be quite sharp too so not something I’d choose to put next to my baby. Wicker can also make creaky noises which is not something you’d want near a sleeping baby we all know how those types of noises often wake a sleeping baby.

Moba Moses Basket Review & Video - The Contemporary Moses Basket A Mum Reviews

The Moba Moses Basket is very different though. It’s a modern take on the traditional Moses basket. It’s stylish and it’s hygienic! It’s made of a bespoke recyclable plastic that is anti-microbial and hypo-allergenic. It’s recyclable and completely safe for babies and it can very easily be thoroughly cleaned.

The basket has holes all around the sides and the base for ventilation and complies with The Lullaby Trust Safer Sleep Guidelines and it can be used for overnight sleeping or daytime naps.

Moba Moses Basket Review & Video - The Contemporary Moses Basket A Mum Reviews

The Moba Moses Basket has sturdy handles that make it really easy to move your sleeping baby around the house when needed and the basket itself is lightweight too which is great. I find it very easy to lift and carry around when needed.

Like most Moses baskets, the Moba is suitable from birth to around 6 months or when your baby reaches the weight of 9kgs, can sit up by itself, roll over or push itself up onto hands or knees. I can see it lasting us for the first 4-6 months as my girls have been early sitters and rollers but it could be used for longer for supervised naps.

The Moba comes with a 100% pure cotton waffle liner and a comfy mattress and you can choose to buy the wooden Rocking Stand for your basket to sit on. This gives the basket a good height that makes it easy for you to put your baby in and lift her our and also keeps your baby safely away from older siblings and/or pets. You can keep the stand static or rocking to suit you and your baby’s need. We really like the rocking function as it helps to settle our new baby quite well. I use the rocking function to help my littlest girl get to sleep and to resettle her if she wakes up.

Moba Moses Basket Review & Video - The Contemporary Moses Basket A Mum Reviews

I’m really happy with the Moba basket as a safe place for my littlest girl to snooze. At night, she’s still not the best at sleeping independently and we co-sleep most of the time to make night feeds easier and because she doesn’t like sleeping in her bedside cot! She’s getting really good at napping in her Moba basket though and often has quite long naps in there while I get on with a bit of work or play with my older girls. She must think it’s really cosy and the rocking definitely helps soothe her.

The quality of the Moba is really great too it seems really strong and sturdy. We’re not having any more babies now but it would definitely last for several children and the basket itself could also be used for storage afterwards.

The Moba basket set (with mattress and waffle liner) has an RRP of £99.99 and the stand has an RRP of £45 but there’s often special offers on the website and discounts on different colours. Currently, the website has a sale on so now is a great time to buy!

You can see my video review of the Moba Moses Basket for Netmums below:

I was sent this item for this review. As always, all my reviews are 100% honest and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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