Mobile Scaffold Tower – Why is it Important?

Mobile Scaffold Tower - Why is it Important?

Mobile Scaffold Tower – Why is it Important?

Working on elevated heights can be a hazard when proper safety equipment is not used. Equipment like mobile scaffolds and scaffold towers are a necessity when it comes to maintenance jobs. Mobile scaffolds are set up in remote locations wherever required – they are used for interior as well as exterior jobs on construction sites. They can be acquired for hire through equipment rental services.

If you are wondering why it is crucial to use mobile scaffolds or towers on construction sites, this article will help you know more!

What are Mobile Scaffold Towers?

Generally, a scaffold tower is a structure used in construction sites to access higher floors and elevated areas. These are of two types – towers and mobile towers. A mobile tower, as the name suggests, is a light structure mainly used for light duty. Aluminum mobile towers have locked wheels or casters that help to move the towers wherever required.

They have parallel aluminum structures joined by horizontal or transactional cross beams. Since it is a portable structure, the maximum height to which the working platform is raised is limited.

Many organizations have recognized the need for proper safety equipment in construction sites – for example, the United States Department of Labor has a detailed section on the restrictions and guidelines to be followed to set up a scaffold properly.

Benefits of Hiring a Mobile Scaffold Tower

While permanent scaffolds are often preferred for long-term construction projects, mobile towers are handy for a wide range of operations like painting and plastering. Taking a scaffold tower hire would be helpful for temporary construction sites and painting works. Here are some reasons why you should consider hiring a mobile scaffold tower for your project:

  • Safety

When installed right, a mobile scaffold tower can be safe and secure for workers. With proper railings and support, a mobile scaffold tower is safer compared to traditional scaffolds. The structure also has strong stability and durability.

  • Lightweight

Aluminum is a very lightweight material – scaffolds are made of aluminum, thus making them very light. This makes it easy to move the scaffold wherever needed. At the same time, the material does not compromise on stability and sturdiness.

  • Adaptability

As long as it is set up according to the instructions, a mobile scaffold can be set up erect in any situation easily. The mobility and portability of the scaffold structure make it easy to set up anywhere.

  • Spacious

While traditional scaffolds are narrow to work, mobile scaffold towers have a proper platform to stand and work on. The extra space helps the laborers to stand easily and work safely.


A mobile scaffold tower is a useful and safe equipment for temporary construction sites and buildings. These structures are a better alternative to traditional ones as they are lightweight, portable, and easy to handle. Hire a mobile scaffold tower today and make your construction site a safe space!

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