Modern Romance |  Elektra – Toi Et Moi Engagement Rings

Modern Romance |  Elektra - Toi Et Moi Engagement Rings

Modern Romance |  Elektra – Toi Et Moi Engagement Rings

Finding and choosing the right engagement ring for your proposal can be quite challenging as there are so many things to consider and it’s a decision you don’t want to get wrong. I would always recommend looking at engagement rings together with your partner to discuss what you both like and look for in a ring. The element of surprise is not as important as finding a ring that you’re happy to wear for the rest of your life.

Engagement rings and wedding bands come in a wide range of designs and styles. If you’re looking for something that offers a refreshing twist on traditional designs, the Elektra – Toi Et Moi engagement ring collection by Nude Jewellery could be the right place to look. Nude Jewellery is an independent jewellery designer specialising in creating bespoke wedding rings, engagement rings, and exclusive jewellery collections.

This wonderful range of engagement rings offer an unconditional style and exquisite craftsmanship, and there are several excellent options for you to choose from to find an engagement ring that suits your and your partner’s taste.

The exclusive collection redefines modern romance with a unique and beautiful design that features a captivating triangular gem and an elegant emerald cut gem – these symbolise unity of two lovers. The rings have been crafted with precision and are handmade here in the UK from Fairtrade Gold.

Each Elektra – Toi Et Moi engagement ring is adorned with a mix of diamonds and/or gemstones which adds individuality to each piece.

There are many different colour combinations to choose from in this remarkable and unforgettable ring collection. For the ring itself, choose between White Gold, Rose Gold, or Yellow Gold. The selection of geometric stone combinations to choose from is spectacular with so many amazingly stunning combinations of gemstones and diamonds.

Modern Romance |  Elektra - Toi Et Moi Engagement Rings

They are all so beautiful but my favourite combinations are:

  • Sapphire, Diamond & White Gold
  • Emerald, Diamond & Yellow Gold
  • Aquamarine, Pink Sapphire & Rose Gold

All three options of gold colours are also available with two diamonds, without any colourful gemstones, if you prefer a more minimal colour scheme.

I love how these rings combine the classic and traditional look of an engagement ring with modern shapes and refreshingly vibrant colours – they are truly spectacular and make a great choice for people who love contemporary design and unique accessories.  

With this ring collection, you can find the perfect engagement ring to celebrate your love.


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