More of My Best Spring Cleaning Tips

More Spring Cleaning Tips A Mum Reviews

More of My Best Spring Cleaning Tips

I’m in a real cleaning mood at the moment. It’s because it’s finally spring and with spring comes new life and sunshine and you suddenly see dust and clutter in a new way. Also, I’m 38 weeks pregnant so the nesting instinct has kicked in and I’m trying to get the house as ready as possible for our second baby. I have already shared some of my spring cleaning tips recently, but here are some more!

Make Time for Cleaning

Choose a day when you have plenty of time available to finish all the jobs you want to do. It’s so annoying when you have to stop halfway through a cleaning job because it’s too late or you have to be somewhere else. The weekend is the best as you can fully concentrate on the task. Also make sure you’re in the right mood and have enough energy for cleaning and tidying as this will make it much easier!

Make it a Family Event

Get the whole family involved tidying and cleaning the house together. You’ve all made the mess, so you should all help. It’s also lots more fun doing it together and you can help make decisions on where to store things and what to keep or throw out.More Spring Cleaning Tips A Mum Reviews

Make it Fun!

Make cleaning more fun by putting on your favourite music and turning up the volume. Sing and dance along and you’ll have lots more fun and burn a few more calories.

One Room at a Time

Tackle one room at a time and do it properly. Rooms always get a bit messy while you are cleaning before you can see the result and by doing one room at a time, you’ll keep the mess to a minimum and you’ll see results more quickly. You can also split the rooms up among family members one can do the bathroom spring cleaning, one the kitchen, one the living room, etc.


Get more space into your life and your house by getting rid of some things as you clean. Have bags or boxes ready to organise items to go to the charity shop, friends and family or the tip and be ruthless. The less stuff you have, the less you have to clean and tidy.

Plan a Reward

Have something lined up as a treat or a reward for yourself and your family to enjoy together after you’ve finished a day or or a weekend of cleaning. This could be a meal out, a take-away or a fun activity like a trip to the cinema or bowling. You’ll have the plans to look forward to while cleaning and it will be a great motivation to keep going.

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