How to Deal With Domestic Rubbish & Recycling Issues

How to Deal With Domestic Rubbish & Recycling Issues A Mum Reviews

How to Deal With Domestic Rubbish & Recycling Issues

Bins are there for rubbish so it’s not strange that they are areas that are difficult to keep clean but there are a few things you can do to keep them as clean as possible.

  • The Refuse Bin

While Rubbish Removal Services do ask that you recycle whenever you can, we can’t recycle everything unfortunately. The refuse bin is where everything that we currently can’t recycle goes, and that can include everything from odd bits of plastic film to the tops of drink bottles.

This bin can get smelly very easily, so use a good bin liner to collect the rubbish so that you can easily take it outside when it gets full and or smelly. Try to find an eco-friendly option for bin liners most supermarkets offer a biodegradable option nowadays. Unfortunately, these bags do not prevent the smell from spreading out. You might not believe it but dumpster rental in West Chester offers a special service called “Convenient Placement”. They will help you to find the best placement for your smelly bin across your property.

To keep smells at bay, try to limit your waste and use a separate bin for composting instead of putting things like fruit and vegetable skins in the regular bin. This is much better for the environment, your bin will smell much fresher and you get some great compost to use in your garden too. If you have a child in nappies, consider switching to cloth nappies to avoid smelly nappies in the bin. How to Deal With Domestic Rubbish & Recycling Issues A Mum Reviews

The rubbish bins outside that are emptied on a weekly or bi-weekly basis can get quite grubby too! You can wash them yourself by using anti-bacterial soap and water and a garden hose or use Google or a phone book to find someone who does it professionally.

Always keep your bin lid closed, to avoid animals like birds, foxes and vermin from getting into it as they will spread the rubbish and contribute to smell.

Keeping your bin out of the sun can also help to slow down the decomposition of your rubbish, while putting some newspaper down in the bottom of the bin itself can help to soak up any excess liquid which might escape at some point.

To ensure that you get your own bin back when the bin men come, you should label them. This is easily done with a chunky permanent marker. How to Deal With Domestic Rubbish & Recycling Issues A Mum Reviews

  • The Recycling

The recycling bins in the kitchen and outside can also get dirty and smelly and the simplest way to avoid this is to rinse out any recyclable products that might create smells and mess like yogurt pots and milk bottles. Any leftover food or drink might get mouldy and smelly quite quickly which is not very pleasant.

As with your black bin, keep your recycling bin closed to ensure no animals can get in and keep it out of sunlight too. If it gets dirty, just wash it out in the same way as described above.

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