Motherlylove Pregnancy Skincare Products / Preparing for Birth

Motherlylove Pregnancy Skincare Products / Preparing for Birth A Mum Reviews

Motherlylove Pregnancy Skincare Products / Preparing for Birth

For over forty years, Jan has helped thousands of mums and their partners have a positive birthing experience both at home and in hospital. She’s a very experienced midwife specialising in complementary therapies and aromatherapy.

To share her expertise, she created Motherlylove a range of luxurious oil based products to use throughout pregnancy and to prepare for the birth of your baby.

The oils are from specially selected suppliers and all chosen for their unique properties. Then they are lab-tested for purity, quality and chemical composition. They’re all carefully developed with you and your baby’s well-being in mind.

The different blends are designed to do different things at different stages of your pregnancy. There are lots of lovely gift packs to choose from or you can buy each product individually.

I’m 32 weeks pregnant now and in a stage where I want to prepare myself for birth. I guess I have been doing so all the way through my pregnancy by thinking positively about the event but I want to implement some physical things too so I’m testing a few products from Motherlylove.Motherlylove Pregnancy Skincare Products / Preparing for Birth A Mum Reviews

Foot Loose Soothing Massage Oil

A foot massage is always lovely, but it’s extra nice when you’re at the end of your pregnancy and carrying extra weight. It’s a great way to relax and reduce daily stress. You can do it yourself or ask your partner to do it for you. During my first pregnancy, my husband gave me a foot rub every day. With a toddler and a bathroom renovation, he doesn’t have as much time and energy for my feet but I do still get an occasional foot massage and I sometime give myself one too.

This oil is rich but fresh with a lively minty scent that helps relieve sore, achy and overheated feet. I also get leg cramps when I’m pregnant so I work the oil into my calves as well. Massaging legs and feet with a gorgeous oil like this one is a great way to stimulate blood flow and to relax any tension in your feet and your mind.

Due Date Pregnancy & Labour Massage Oil

This is a wonderful pregnancy and labour massage oil to help make pregnancy and labour more comfortable. If there’s time this time around, I would love to try massage as a way to relieve pain during labour and to help me relax in order to shorten the length of my labour.

This blend is full of omega rich oils and has a warm and fresh citrus scent. It’s revitalising and relaxing at the same time thanks to the citrus and the chamomile. It’s a very soothing and comforting oil that helps relax body and mind and I can’t wait to use it when labour kicks in too if I’ve not used it all up by then.Motherlylove Pregnancy Skincare Products / Preparing for Birth A Mum Reviews

Tums & Boobs Stretch Mark Oil

Since reaching the third trimester, I have mainly used oils on my bump as I find the richness of oils very soothing and hydrating. This oil is a nourishing one thanks to the blend of omega rich oils that help maintain skin’s elasticity. It’s hydrating and gets rid of any dryness and itchiness.

The scent is uplifting and balancing for general well-being and great for an energy boost. The oil absorbs quickly as I massage it into my skin and take the time to bond with my baby as I do so. It’s recommended to use this oil twice daily from week 14 of your pregnancy and continue to do so post-birth too for the best results. Do not apply to your nipples if you are breastfeeding.

Down Below Perineum Massage Oil

Perineal massage can reduce the risk of tearing during birth and has also shown to aid the recovery from any perineal trauma post-birth. You can do this to prepare for birth from 34 weeks of pregnancy. It’s best done after a shower or bath and should be done for about 10 minutes each day.

This oil is a special blend for this especially sensitive area. It’s rich in omega and has added vitamin E to help increase the natural suppleness allowing for greater stretch during the birth. The oil has been blended with avocado oil and jojoba oil chosen for their properties that allow the skin of the perineum to give more easily during the birth.

I’ve not yet decided if I’ll be doing perineal massage or not but it seems to work well for many women all over the world. I didn’t do it last time and didn’t tear at all. If I don’t use it this oil for perineal massage, I’ll just use it as a normal massage oil.

Motherlylove Pregnancy Skincare Products / Preparing for Birth A Mum Reviews

Don’t miss Motherlylove‘s useful tips about skin care and massage for pregnancy and baby. I love the company’s logo isn’t it gorgeous!

I was sent these items for review. As always, all my reviews are 100% honest and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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