Ocean & Bee Monthly Subscription Box – Sustainable & Eco-Friendly

Ocean & Bee Monthly Subscription Box - Sustainable & Eco-Friendly

Ocean & Bee Monthly Subscription Box – A Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Subscription Box | AD

Ocean & Bee is a small business that makes buying green easier. The two-woman team based in London source all their products from independent British makers who respect our planet, making it easy for their customers to make better purchases and to find sustainable products. They do all the research about the products for you!

Ocean & Bee Monthly Subscription Box - Sustainable & Eco-Friendly
Image by Ocean & Bee.

Ocean & Bee have a wonderful selection of eco-friendly products as well as a great range of gift boxes with different themes. They also have their Ocean & Bee Monthly Subscription Box which are one-off gift boxes to showcase brilliant products from independent brands, delivered straight to your door for you to explore and enjoy. The contents could be skincare products, or home essential or something luxurious. Everything stocked by Ocean & Bee is vegan and free from single use plastic and palm oil. Plus, with every purchase, Ocean & Bee will plant a tree and help clean the seas through their charity partners.

The eco subscription box is a great way to try new sustainable products. You can enjoy your first box for just £8 with the code SUBBOX8 and then they cost £22 for each subsequent box. It’s a rolling subscription that you can cancel anytime.

Ocean & Bee Monthly Subscription Box - Sustainable & Eco-Friendly A Mum Reviews

The first Ocean & Bee Monthly Subscription Box currently contains the following zero waste products:

  • The Naked Candle Company Lime, Basil & Mandarin Signature Candle

This is a gorgeous candle from The Naked Candle Co that is a small company based in Manchester that makes all their products lovingly by hand. Their candles are made with carefully selected fragrance oils mixed with soy wax for a long and clean burn. The candle packaging is also thoughtfully designed to complement the elegance of the product. The candles have cotton and linen wicks and the 16oz jars offer a 50+ hour burn time.

The Lime, Basil & Mandarin Signature Candle has a fresh and zesty scent with a warm, herbal tone and undertones of precious woods and amber. The jar is really cute too and I love that it has a lid.

  • LiveCoco Bamboo Cotton Buds

Cotton buds are a bathroom staple for many households – ours included. Traditional cotton buds are made with a plastic handle and usually come packaged in a plastic tub. Here in the UK, you can get paper ones from the supermarket, but they do still come in those plastic tubs which is annoying! So happy to see this pack of 100 cotton buds from LiveCoco that are made with biodegradable bamboo sticks and cotton and come sustainably packaged in Kraft paper packaging.

Ecoegg bamboo towels kitchen roll
  • Ecoegg Reuseable Bamboo Towels

Last but not least, a very clever product from Ecoegg which is a brilliant replacement for kitchen roll. Ecoegg Reusable Bamboo Towels are made from 100% sustainable sources and can be used, washed, and reused over and over again.

Each roll has 20 sheets and each sheet can be used up to 85 times meaning one roll gives you 1700 uses. Tear off a piece and use it to wipe away spills or to clean/dry/dust surfaces.

The sheets are made from bamboo fibres and are very strong and absorbent. When dirty, wash with other washing of similar colours at 40 degrees Celsius. I love how it’s designed to look like a regular roll of kitchen roll, making the swap very easy. Once torn off, you can’t stick the roll back together of course but the bamboo towels can just as easily be stored in a basket or in a drawer for future uses.

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