Making Cash from Your Unwanted Goods + Declutter & Recycle!

Making Cash from Your Unwanted Goods A Mum Reviews

One Family’s Trash is Another Family’s Treasure! – Making Cash from Your Unwanted Goods

Families accumulate more belongings at this point of the year than any other. It’s the season of giving, and chances are that you’ll all be receiving a few new treats under the tree. This often results in another activity: clearing out your property. You need to make way for your shiny new things after all! Unfortunately, however, this often means that hundreds of thousands of items are sent to landfill nearing the end of December every single year. This is so wasteful. Especially considering the things that you’re tossing aside could be exactly what another family are searching for. So, why not offer others secondhand goods at a low price at the same time as helping the environment through this form of recycling? Here’s everything you need to know about the selling process.

  • Deciding What to Sell

Take a few hours out to gather up all of the belongings that your family no longer have any use for. Be vigilant. You may be tempted to keep a hold of some things, but if you’re not going to get any more use out of them, they’ll just be taking up room in your home needlessly.

  • Listing

Once you’ve settled on the goods you want to sell, it’s time to focus on bringing attention to them. General auction sites such as eBay are a great place to start. However, if you have specialist goods, there are specialist sites out there that you can advertise on too! The success of your sales will generally rest on two things: the product image and the product description. You can read up on how to take effective product images here. For the descriptions, just be thorough and honest. Remember to note any defects, marks, or wear. Otherwise, you might find that customers complain and file for returns. If they know exactly what they’re getting, there should be no further disputes or issues.Making Cash from Your Unwanted Goods A Mum Reviews

  • Shipping

If you’ve managed to sell an item, good news! The funds will be on their way to you in next to no time. However, that’s not the end of the deal. You have to ensure that the items make their way to the buyer safely and in good time. Start by ensuring that everything is well packaged to avoid damage during the delivery process. Try to keep things as environmentally friendly as possible. There are better alternatives to plastic bubble wrap. Invest in Jiffy green bags, board backed envelopes and cardboard packaging nuts. Next, use a reliable shipping service. Services such as Shiply put your job out to a host of couriers and you can opt for the one with the lowest price!

  • Gathering Feedback

Once the item has been received, it’s always acceptable to ask the buyer to leave you a little feedback. This will be displayed on your seller profile and will give other users more trust in you and consequently boost your overall sales!

Following each of this steps will see you quickly become a brilliant online seller of secondhand goods!

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