Taking the Kids to a Football Match

Taking the Kids to a Football Match

The pandemic has put a halt on so many parts of our lives and hobbies, especially. We’ve had to focus on the things we can do at home and postpone most other activities if they involve being close to other people. Our lives have changed so much during this time and there are so many things that we’ve had to put on hold. When was the last time your family went to the cinema or a football match?

Our eldest daughter is really into football and her interest has grown during the past few years even though she’s not had much chance to play football with her friends as school has been closed for most of the time. Normally she would play football everyday at school but that has not been possible with homeschooling.

She has been enjoying playing football in the garden and in local parks with her dad to practice her skills and her passion for football is now stronger than ever.

The Euros was a big event in our house this year and it was the first time the kids joined in watching football matches and keeping track of the latest football scores.

This helped grow the love and enthusiasm for football of course and now as the world is slowly opening up and trying to get back to normal, we’re consider taking the kids to a football match for a fun family day out.

Taking the Kids to a Football Match

Things to Consider when Taking the Kids to a Football Match

There are a few things that you should consider before taking the kids to a football match to make sure it’s a good choice for your family:

What kind of match is it likely to be? Some are more likely to have fans that might be raucous and with known hooligans. Consider whether it’s going to be suitable for the kids or not, taking these things into consideration.

Also consider what time the match will be on and the weather conditions as these make a difference when you’re with young children. The age of your children will naturally impact what’s suitable too.

When you have found a football match that you want to take your children to, there are some preparations that will really help to make the experience run smoothly:

  • Take your kids to the toilet for a wee before the match and don’t give them lots to drink during the match – you don’t want to have to trek back to the toilets in the middle of the match.
  • Do pack some snacks that your children can eat easily without making lots of mess. Snacks always keep kids happy!
  • Dress appropriately for the weather and have an extra layer available in case it gets colder.

The very first football match is likely to be a very special experience for both the kids and the parents and, if you enjoy yourself, it can be a great family activity to enjoy together.  

Have you taken your kids to a football match? How did it go? Please share in the comments below and also let me know if you have any tips for this.

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