Our Favourite DIY Gadgets & Equipment

Our Favourite DIY Gadgets & Equipment A Mum Reviews

Our Favourite DIY Gadgets & Equipment

I’m lucky to have a very handy husband! He’s very skilled at DIY and not scared to take on any home improvements big or small. This was great in our old house but very useful now in our newbuild too as you might know, newbuilds usually come with snagging issues that need sorting out and often it’s faster to do it yourself than wait for the builder to sort it out. He’s also doing the landscaping of the garden himself so that’s another big job at the moment.

Having good tools and suitable equipment for the job will make the whole experience better, easier and safer of course. In this post, I’ll be sharing some of our favourite tools, gadgets and other DIY equipment.

Our Favourite DIY Gadgets & Equipment A Mum Reviews

  • Decent Tool Storage & Good Accessibility

If your tools are well organised and easy to find and get to, the job itself will be easier too. We’re not completely there yet ourselves but are aiming to get our equipment better organised and more accessible for quick jobs.We’re looking at the VonHaus Garage Wall Tool Rack Pegboard + Shelf Tool Organiser as a start. This can hold lots of things and keep them within sight and easy reach for when you need them.

Our Favourite DIY Gadgets & Equipment A Mum Reviews

  • Reusable Floor Protector

Many DIY jobs are messy and we often need to protect the floors from this mess. Now that we have a new house with new carpets and new vinyl floor we’re even more keen to keep it nice and protected from any spills or splashes.

We like things that are reusable, and this Vinyl Floor & Carpet Protector from Indigo.co is a roll of heavy duty vinyl carpet and floor protector with built in grippers. The size is 680mm Wide x 3m Long which is enough for most jobs as you can move it around when you’re painting for example.

Our Favourite DIY Gadgets & Equipment A Mum Reviews

  • Stylish Safety Shoes

Safety shoes are that piece of equipment you probably wouldn’t think about when renovating. Not only we tend to underestimate the risks involved in restorations, but we also easily associate protective footwear as something connected only to professionals and very dangerous work conditions.

The truth is they are actually a great tool to prevent injuries and protect your feet during restorations and, for sure, their availability is not restricted to people who need them for work: Airtox, for example, purposely produces safety shoes which look like sneakers and which you could wear on a daily basis.

The most important characteristics which come handy with renovations are the protective steel toe cap which totally protects your toes from any falling object and the antipenetration layer on the bottom which creates a barrier and completely blocks any nail, glass or sharp object.

In addition, you can pick different models with specific characteristics depending on your particular necessity. Some shoes, for example, are totally waterproof and can be really useful in you are working in a wet environment.

Our Favourite DIY Gadgets & Equipment A Mum Reviews

  • The Ultimate Spirit Level

A new spirit level is something that we recently invested in. We’ve used our father-in-law’s old one for many years and though it’s been really good too, it’s too short for some jobs. We’ve now got a really long spirit level from Stabila and it’s so useful for big jobs like garden landscaping.

These are our favourite gadgets and equipment for DIY. Do you have any favourites? Please share in the comments below I’d love to know what you find useful!

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