Outdoor Kids: Top Picks for Your Naturalist

Outdoor Kids: Top Picks for Your Naturalist

Outdoor Kids: Top Picks for Your Naturalist

Have you ever noticed how kids love to explore the outdoors? They love climbing trees, sitting in dirt and sand, and collecting rocks. This is where they learn about nature and have fun doing it! Even so, once in a while, it is always an incredible idea to get gifts for your kid. 

This blog post will give you some of the best gift ideas for kids who are naturalists at heart.

Outdoor Kids: Top Picks for Your Naturalist
  • A Skateboard for Older Kids

This is one of the best skateboarder gifts. Skateboards are a fun way for children to get around, and the older they get, the more creative their skater names! Once your kids have mastered skating downhill, it’s time to teach them how to skateboard on flat surfaces. 

Skateboarding is an excellent activity for strengthening core muscles while having tons of fun outside. Besides, if your kid is passionate about skateboarding, you can research the best gifts for skateboarders and pick your favourite. Do not limit your options!

  • Kids Binoculars with a Laser Pointer

Binoculars are an excellent gift for kids who love exploring the outdoors. Kid-sized binoculars have a built-in laser pointer so they can easily find things that may be difficult to see without them, like birds or insects. They come in many different colours, are compact and affordable.

  • Kid Waterproof Camera

Kids love taking pictures and sharing them, so a camera is perfect for your budding photographer. Plus, a waterproof kids’ camera that can go in the water without any problems! They’re affordable on Amazon and any other online shopping sites.

  • Butterfly Growing Kit

Kids love having pets, and a butterfly growing kit is perfect for them. They can develop their monarch butterflies; it’s affordable and easy to do. A kit usually includes everything they’ll need, except for the milkweed plant, which can be found in most nurseries and garden stores.

  • Compass Bracelet

A compass is a fun gift idea that makes it easier for outdoor explorers to find their way home when they’re out exploring on an adventure! A magnetic clasp will keep the bracelet securely on your wrist until it’s time to go home. It comes in a variety of colours, is affordable and is easy to use!

Outdoor Kids: Top Picks for Your Naturalist
  • A Water Bottle for Kids

Kids who love the outdoors also need to stay hydrated! This gift will keep them drinking lots of fluids while they’re out exploring or playing sports. They are available in many colours, so fun and easy to find on a crowded backpack shelf.

  • A Portable Solar Charger for Kids

Kids can’t live without their phones, so they need a power source while they’re exploring outdoors! A portable solar charger will keep your phone fuelled, and you’ll never have to worry about running out of battery again when you get caught up with texting or checking Instagram!


The best gifts for kids are the ones that get them outside and exploring the world. So, whether your little explorer loves to be out in nature, or prefers indoor activities, this post has gift ideas perfect for each of these types of children. If you need help finding an outdoor toy or activity-based gift for your child this holiday season, use this as a guide.

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