Pamper Yourself This Winter With These Ideas

Pamper Yourself This Winter With These Ideas

Pamper Yourself This Winter With These Ideas

Looking for a way to pamper yourself this winter? As the days grow colder and darker, many of us look for ways to care for our bodies and ensure that we feel as comfy and cosy as we can all week long. Today we want to share some ways to make a relaxing pamper session for yourself on a cold winter’s evening. 

  • Put on relaxing music 

When creating the perfect pamper session for yourself it is important to give yourself some entertainment. Relaxing music can be a wonderful way to set the tone for your session and it will also help to relax your brain and take your mind off the problems of the day. Consider putting on a spa playlist or you can find sounds of nature such as rainforest sounds and birdsong. All of these things will help put you in a meditative state and sometimes this is exactly what you need to rebuild the soul. 

Pamper Yourself This Winter With These Ideas
  • Drink some champagne 

What’s a good pamper session without a glass of bubbly? Treat yourself to a lovely glass of champagne this weekend and also get yourself some strawberries to place in the glass for sweetness and a fun snack. If champagne isn’t your thing, whip up your favourite cocktail or instead open a bottle of red wine and let those tannins help you digest food and cleanse the system. Whatever tipple you enjoy, indulge yourself and relax. 

  • Apply a sheet mask 

A mud mask can be a great way to cleanse the skin – however if you are going to be soaking in the bath this is not the best type of mask to use as it won’t dry properly. Instead, consider getting yourself a moisturising sheet mask and apply this before you get into the bath. The great combination of moisturiser and steam from the bath will ensure that your face absorbs all of that goodness and is able to feel refreshed. 

Pamper Yourself This Winter With These Ideas
  • Run a bath 

Running a bath is one of the key aspects to having a great pamper session. When creating the perfect winter pamper it is also important to think about how to create a relaxing spa bathroom. A bath is super important for the best possible pamper and this means investing in making your bath a central point of the bathroom for those days when a pamper is needed. Showering is the common form of cleaning and this is something you likely do every day. Once in a while though it is great to be able to soak in some warm water and not have to stand up while bathing. A bath allows you to relax every muscle in the body, and the addition of things such as Epsom salts and bubble bath will help to relax the joints and muscles and heal them. 

  • Use a coffee scrub 

A coffee scrub is such a useful product if you have cellulite or if you have been neglecting the exfoliation of your body. Exfoliating the body is important because it prevents dead skin and spots and can also stop you from developing ingrown hairs. Use an exfoliating glove and a coffee scrub and massage in circular motions all over your body, as if you were applying fake tan. This will stimulate blood flow and cleanse your skin, and the caffeine in the coffee can help to reduce the appearance of cellulite. 

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