Plan the Most Perfect and Dreamy Engagement Party For Your Loved One – Here’s How

Plan the Most Perfect and Dreamy Engagement Party For Your Loved One - Here's How

Plan the Most Perfect and Dreamy Engagement Party For Your Loved One – Here’s How

Engagement and marriage are special turns in every living person’s life. These are the moments when we start making our own lives with our most perfect picks and forming our small family, so making these moments memorable is a must. Sometimes, we can find ourselves stuck or out of ideas when thinking of the most beautiful engagement party or surprise, and at the same time, we tend to avoid all the cliches, thus making our engagement moment stand out from the rest.

This is the moment when you want your bar to be higher. If the love of your life proposed to you and it is time to show that shiny diamond on your finger, then it is the right moment for throwing the most amazing party for your loved ones and making them feel appreciated for sharing this moment of happiness with them. To provide you with some more ideas here is how to plan the greatest engagement party. 

  • Start By Picking a Host 

Traditionally, the hosts of the engagement party are the bride’s family, but this is not a strict rule, since this party is not mandatory. But, the best option is to have the party with both families, and it is how things are usually done; a couple with their parents celebrating the big moment. It is vital to talk to all of your parents early so that you do not have problems in organization later, and to set the budget early so that any kind of overspending is prevented. 

Plan the Most Perfect and Dreamy Engagement Party For Your Loved One - Here's How
  • Show off Your Ring With an Original Party Theme 

You will definitely want to have a theme for your engagement party. Try to pick a theme that will best describe both of you, and that will give you an opportunity to show your Blue Nile ring effortlessly. Ideas such as a dreamy travel theme, with maps and small globes, white flowers, and your photos in the form of postcards. This is a beautiful vintage and dreamy party theme that will emphasize the princess design you are wearing on your finger. Also, you can set up the dress code or color, light shades of green and white are beautiful picks, but you can go with whatever you want. Some other ideas that can make amazing engagement party themes are summer BBQ parties, park picnics, wine and cheese nights, floral themes, etc. All of your guests will be interested in the big shiny stone, so make sure to make it one with the theme. It is very important for you to choose the theme of your engagement party early so that you can plan all other details such as venue or music accordingly. 

  • Set a Date 

There are some codes suggesting that these parties are usually put a month after the proposal. Set the date so that all the protocols could be done, and announce the date as soon as you find it out. This is important because your people can keep the date free and keep all of them in positive excitement. Your friends must be as excited as you and will look forward to seeing the ring, so waiting for the date to come will give some additional buzz to the entire party. 

Plan the Most Perfect and Dreamy Engagement Party For Your Loved One - Here's How
  • Make a Guest List 

Your engagement party is a much smaller event than the wedding, so you should not feel burdened to invite all the people you have already planned to invite to the wedding. Also, people you have invited to your engagement party will expect you to invite them for the wedding as well, so this is a perfect chance for you to draft the guest list for your wedding as well. A good piece of advice is to make a shorter engagement party list so that you can have a chance to talk to everyone. 

  • Venue 

The venue is a huge task when it comes to the entire organization. The vital thing to bear in mind is that you need to make a reservation for a venue that will be big enough to welcome all of your guests. A good thing is to make sure that there are plenty of chairs so that your guests do not remain on their feet. If you are planning your party to be more intimate, then you should consider booking a pub or a cafe. 

When organizing your perfect engagement party, you need to make sure that this event will depict your story and that it is celebrated with your closest people. This is important to remember because your wedding will be a much bigger event than the party. 

Author: Allen Brown.

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