Down The Plug Hole – How Much Water Do You Use?

Do you ever think about how much water you are using or maybe even wasting? I’ve got a great infographic here with lots of interesting facts about how UK households use water and how much typical households use.

The government’s aim is to reduce personal water usage from 149 litres per person to 130 by 2030. I’ve been thinking about how we could reduce the water usage in our home and some things have already happened automatically since having a baby; like having short showers. Other things have got worse: I use the washing machine one extra time per week and use the dishwasher more (but still only about once or twice a month; I prefer washing most items by hand). One thing I can do, is to remember to turn the tap off while I’m washing dishes or brushing my teeth. With taps using 6 litre per minute that soon adds up!

Check out the infographic below and read more here.

Down The Plug Hole - How Much Water Do You Use? A Mum Reviews

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