Well-Being Starts with Home Décor – Top 6 Interior Design Tips for a Healthy Living Space

Well-Being Starts with Home Décor – Top 6 Interior Design Tips for a Healthy Living Space

Well-Being Starts with Home Décor – Top 6 Interior Design Tips for a Healthy Living Space

A healthy home promotes well-being not only for people but also for the planet. It means keeping your house clean, contaminated-free and ventilated, etc. While you can’t control your office environment or the one in a grocery store, it’s a different story when it comes to your home. You’re the one in charge of your living space, which means you can make it as healthy as possible. But what does a healthy home look like? It definitely goes beyond buying whole foods and natural cleaning products. How you choose to decorate your house can make a significant difference for the planet, reducing dust, mould and pollutants.

This doesn’t mean you need a complete renovation – creating a healthy house can include minor changes like removing items you no longer use, moving around the furniture or switching up the lighting. Read on to learn some experts’ tips on making your home healthier.

  • Reduce dust through minimalism

Reducing home dust is an efficient way to enhance air quality. However, dusting needs to be done often, and it’s often annoying. To reduce it, you can embrace a minimalist design. You’ve probably heard about minimalism since it’s a modern lifestyle buzzword many promote. This type of design means prioritising the essential. You can achieve it through neutral colours, limited materials and simple forms. It’s about avoiding excess ornamentation to accomplish elegance in its purest form.

It means swapping out several accessories clustered on an area for a singular large object. For instance, you can add a sculpture or a large vase rather than having multiple candles on a buffet. It would be an excellent replacement, and it will also be easier to lift one item instead of multiple ones when dusting.

Well-Being Starts with Home Décor – Top 6 Interior Design Tips for a Healthy Living Space
  • Use indoor plants for decoration

Plants are an excellent way to invite nature into your home. Besides improving your home, they are also beneficial for your health. According to research, some indoor plants serve as natural air purifiers because of the soil microorganisms that exist in the pot. They may not work miracles, but it’s still worth adding indoor plants to your home. Some flower pots are even produced in eco-friendly ways, making them an excellent choice for a healthy home. You can choose from elho‘s collection a pot that perfectly fits into the design of your home, as they provide different shapes, from round to square and oval.

Flowerpots are an excellent way to add a personal touch to the design. However, you may wonder what kind of plants you should choose. If you don’t know where to start, experts recommend Chinese evergreens, dracaenas, Madagascar Dragon trees and Chinese evergreens. Supposing you have a balcony, you can also put some thought into decorating it. You can turn this space into a comfortable area where you can unwind. Whether your balcony is small or large, there are decorating ideas that are ideal for every space. And you can add plants here, too. There are plenty of options for balcony pots, so it will be easy to find something that perfectly matches the space’s décor and creates a lovely ambience.

  • Bring in more natural light

To create a healthier home, consider bringing in more natural light, as it can boost your energy and mood. You don’t need to make a significant change, like getting new windows. There are smaller ways you can get more natural light. For instance, you can move your furniture away from large windows or replace dark curtains.

Bringing in more natural light provides several benefits. For example, it helps indoor plants thrive. Moreover, natural light is energy efficient and can save you money in the long run, as it reduces the need to use internal lights. Plus, natural light can benefit your mental health, reducing anxiety and stress levels.

How to Make Your Bedroom Feel More Luxurious
  • Create a sanctuary in your bedroom

Your bedroom is supposed to be that space where you can recharge after a hectic day. In other words, it should be a safe haven. Therefore, it’s essential to decorate the area in a way that promotes sleep, rest and a sense of calm and happiness.

Interior designers recommend adding soft pillows, linens, and dreamy artwork to create a romantic and soothing feel and encourage quality sleep. Also, it’s imperative to eliminate clutter underneath your bed and keep it free from storage.

  • Opt for natural materials and furnishings

If you want to replace old décor or furniture, choose natural materials. Synthetic materials leave pollutants in your home, making them dangerous for people and the environment. However, there are several ways you can avoid this. For instance, you can opt for a wool rug instead of polypropylene rugs.

You should choose non-toxic materials that don’t include VOCs. Natural materials are a sustainable option for home décor. They have several benefits, including their ability to last for a more extended period. You can adapt them to different styles – choose bamboo for a minimalist look or natural stone for rustic chic. Homeowners also believe natural materials significantly improve the mood, making them happier than if they used artificial materials in their house’s décor. Thus, choosing natural materials for the design of your home is a perfect way to create a healthier living space.

Simple Solutions To Keep Your Home Tidy And Clutter-Free
  • Eliminate clutter

It’s no surprise that clutter influences your physical space, but did you know it can also affect your mental health? Its effects range from increased stress levels to procrastination and difficulty focusing. Home is supposed to be a space where you get to relax and rest, but clutter can prevent you from achieving these things.

Moreover, it can lead to frustration, as you find it challenging to finish daily tasks. Instead of looking for items you need or trying to organise them, you could spend that time with your loved ones or doing your hobbies. To avoid this, it’s essential to clear clutter and organise everything. A minimalist design can help you to this end. Not only does it look splendid, but it improves your room’s flow and prevents dust from building up and triggering allergies. You can use storage bins or woven baskets as a solution to keep items organised and out of sight.  

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