Potato Prep and Cooking Tips for Perfect Potatoes Every Time


Potato Prep and Cooking Tips for Perfect Potatoes Every Time

Potatoes are a staple in many families’ diets and a great part of many meals. They’re so versatile too as you can cut them, cook them and season them in so many ways. In this post, I’ll share a few potato prep and cooking tips that I’ve picked up along the way. I have many family members who are a bit potato obsessed so they’re important in our household!

Potato Prep and Cooking Tips for Perfect Potatoes Every Time
  • Use them while they’re fresh

We don’t buy massive bags of potatoes because even if you store them somewhere dark and cold, they are simply nicer when they’re fresher. We buy as many as we need for a meal or two and use them soon after purchasing.

Viners Assure Potato Peeler Set
  • Use the right tools for peeling

You might think that all potato peelers are created equally but they’re not. Since moving out of my childhood home, I have never bought a peeler like the ones my mum had because I thought they were quite rubbish at doing the only job they were designed for. Instead, I would use IKEA cheese slicers which are sharp and sturdy and do the job well but come with the risk of cutting yourself so not the best option.

I’ve recently been introduced to a much better option by Viners – a brand known for their amazing quality. Their Assure Duo Peeler + Paring Knife set is a multi-functional tool to help prep and peel potatoes and other vegetables easily and safely. The pairing knife has a square safety blade like the Viners Assure Knife Collection and locks into the bottom of the peeler to keep it safe and secure. You simply squeeze the bottom of the knife handle to release the knife when needed.

Assure Duo Peeler + Paring Knife set

The peeler itself is amazing with an extra sharp pivot blade made from stainless steel. The handle has a soft touch for optimum grip and comfort. The peeler also has a potato eye remover which is so useful to remove parts of the potato without any waste. This product is built to last and comes with a 10-year guarantee.

I find this peeler so much easier to use than traditional potato peelers! It does the job better and I’m not worried about cutting myself like I am when using a cheese slicer for peeling.

Kitchen Ovens
  • The Microwave Saves Lots of Time

Microwave ovens are very useful when cooking potatoes. It’s the equivalent of par-boiling them but easier and faster. Great for jacket potatoes and any other potatoes that will be cooked in the oven and ensures that the potatoes cook thoroughly and quickly.

  • Season Before Cooking

When roasting potatoes, whether you’re making traditional roasted potatoes or spicy wedges, coat the cut potatoes in a bit of oil and add the seasoning and any herbs and spices before cooking for better flavour.

Potato Prep and Cooking Tips for Perfect Potatoes Every Time
  • The Best Potato Gratin

Potato gratin is a favourite in my family but from my childhood I can remember quite a few meals where the potatoes weren’t quite soft enough. Now that I cook them myself, I use a mix of cream and vegetable stock (and microwave the sliced potatoes for a bit first!) to ensure that the potatoes cook well. I also cook the gratin without the cheese for a bit to avoid it getting too golden and add it for the last 20 minutes or so instead.

  • The Creamiest Mash

For the creamiest mash, over-boil the potatoes a bit! Then use a fork or a steel balloon whisk to mash them, add a generous dollop of butter, season with sea salt flakes and add something creamy – cream, sour cream, milk, cream cheese all work well. Whisk together and serve!

Hope you’ve enjoyed these potato prep and cooking tips!

The Viners Assure Duo Peeler + Paring Knife set was kindly gifted to me.

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