Rave Coffee Nespresso Compatible Compostable Coffee Pods | AD

Rave Coffee Nespresso Compatible Compostable Coffee Pods Review A Mum Reviews

Rave Coffee Nespresso Compatible Compostable Coffee Pods Review | AD

I remember when Nespresso machines and their coffee capsules arrived on the market and how quickly they became very popular. There’s no doubt that Nespresso coffee is nice but all that waste from the pods is insane.

There are options though, you don’t have to use Nespresso’s own pods, Rave Coffee makes compostable Nespresso compatible pods so that you can use your Nespresso machine and enjoy your tasty coffee without creating lots of unnecessary waste. Once you’ve used your pods, you can compost them! I think this is a brilliant idea!

If you’re new to Nespresso, read a Nespresso machine guide before diving in.

Rave Coffee Nespresso Compatible Compostable Coffee Pods Review A Mum Reviews

Rave Coffee is a UK leading coffee supplier of all that is premium coffee blends at very competitive prices. They are passionate about great coffee from various regions of the world and also about distributing eco-friendly products.

I personally don’t use a Nespresso machine myself, but I have a sister who does and I know she’s been looking for a more eco-friendly option. I’ve tested these with her and borrowed her machine to sample these Rave Coffee Nespresso Compatible Compostable Coffee Pods.

Rave Coffee’s pods are 100% compostable, environmentally friendly and biodegradable. The pods, lids and packaging are made from bio-based cornstarch and will be broken down in approximately 90 days in a compost. To guarantee the correct compostable conditions please place in your local authority food waste collection bin.

A Mum Reviews

There are currently three types of pods to choose from and they are available in different packaging sizes. The types are:

  • Signature Blend
  • Italian Job Blend
  • Colombia Sugarcane Decaf

Rave Coffee Nespresso Compatible Compostable Coffee Pods Review A Mum Reviews

They’re all tasty and full of flavour! I like my coffee dark and strong so my favourite is the Italian Job Blend that is Medium/Dark, rich and full bodied with walnut and dark chocolate flavours. The Signature Blend is delicuous and a bit lighter. It’s got caramel, almond and chocolate flavours coming through and is a blend that’s sure to please everyone. For a post-dinner coffee or for caffeine sensitive people (or pregnant ladies!) the Colombia Sugarcane Decaf with hints of chocolate, red fruits and vanilla is a great choice.

A Mum Reviews

Rave Coffee also sell lots of other coffee related products like barista equipment and coffee gifts as well as lots of different types of coffees and even coffee subscriptions. I also got a Mini Table Top Scale great for precise coffee making and a 12oz Rave Coffee Glass KeepCup for coffees on the go.

A Mum Reviews

I was sent samples for this review and compensated for my time. As always, all my reviews are 100% honest and all thoughts and opinions are my own. Contains a sponsored link.

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