Secrets to using the Air Fryer for Indian Food

Secrets to using the Air Fryer for Indian Food

Secrets to using the Air Fryer for Indian Food

Air fryers have become more popular lately as they allow people to enjoy their favorite fried foods in a healthier way. For lovers of samosas, pakoras and other treats, this may be a great option.

What can you cook in an air fryer?

Almost anything that you would normally fry can be cooked in an air fryer. Believe it or not, you can also bake things in these versatile tools, so if you’d like to make some naan, well, you can.

What about things that have a sauce, such as curry? While you can cook them in the air fryer, using a metal bowl, the best things to cook are those that can easily fit in the basket.

How does an air fryer work?

Instead of using oil, an air fryer uses air. They typically require either little or no oil to work. The food that you want to cook is placed inside the air fryer in a convenient basket. Hot air circulates around the food, cooking it and giving it a crisp texture. Instead of being saturated in oil and then needing to be drained, the food is perfectly cooked and non-greasy. Because you don’t have to drain the cooked food or clean a pot full of oil, clean-up is a breeze. The air fryer’s basket is typically easy to clean.

Advantages of using an air fryer

There are several advantages to using the air fryer for items that you would normally fry or bake. These are:

  • Air fryers are compact and don’t take up a lot of counter space.
  • They are easy to clean.
  • They allow you to enjoy deep-fried treats without excess fat and calories – this can help you lose weight while still enjoying your favorite foods.
  • They lessen the formation of toxic substances that can occur when deep-frying.
  • They lower the risk of heart disease and inflammation which have been associated with deep-fried foods.

So, are there any negatives? Well, some people just prefer the taste of food that is cooked in the traditional manner. Because the air fryer produces cleaner, lighter flavors, not everyone will like the results. However, in most cases, the difference in taste is barely noticeable.

Tips for cooking with an air fryer

Here are a few tips to make sure you get the best out of your air fryer:

  • Do not overfill the basket. There needs to be sufficient space for the hot air to flow around the food to cook it.
  • Use spray oil if you use oil.
  • If you are using breading, it needs to be well attached to the food
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and pay attention while you cook.

As you can see, an air fryer can be a great addition to your cooking tools. It provides a healthier option if you love Indian fried treats and Indian bread.

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