Simple Ways to Make Camping More Luxurious

Simple Ways to Make Camping More Luxurious A Mum Reviews

Simple Ways to Make Camping More Luxurious

You will not be as comfortable camping as you will be in your own home, that’s a fact. Camping chairs are not as comfortable as your sofa and you’ll most likely miss your bed and other comforts like rv septic safe toilet paper from home that make life easier. Everyday tasks become more challenging when you’re camping but you get to be out in nature, enjoying free time with your loved ones.

If you’re finding camping a bit too basic and a bit too uncomfortable though, there are simple ways to make camping more luxurious. In this article, we’ll look at some ideas for simple luxuries to make your camping trip extra enjoyable.

Simple Ways to Make Camping More Luxurious A Mum Reviews
  • Luxurious Sleep Set-Up

Sleeping bags are a brilliant invention but they don’t suit all types of sleepers and are generally not as comfortable as a duvet! If you are car camping, you will probably have enough space in your car for a few bulkier items and taking your duvet instead of a sleeping bag will not make much difference space wise but will make your camping sleep set-up much more luxurious.

Set up a sleeping space with thick self-inflating mattresses, add a sheet and your duvet. Take your pillow with you from home too – most camping pillows are not great and having your very own pillow is a sure way to get a better night’s sleep when camping.

Simple Ways to Make Camping More Luxurious A Mum Reviews
  • Pack an On The Go Coffee Maker

If you’re a coffee lover, you will want great coffee in the morning when you wake up at your campsite too. If you are into proper coffee, an instant sachet of coffee will not be good enough and you’ll most end up feeling grumpy and unsatisfied. Coffee is important for us coffee lovers!

The solution is to pack an AeroPress On The Go Coffee Maker and fresh ground coffee. An AeroPress is compact and easy to pack and use wherever you are. Team it with a bag of delicious specialty coffee from 39 Steps Coffee and your morning coffee will be extra special. We also always take insulated travel mugs to keep our morning coffees hot while we get on with the morning.

Simple Ways to Make Camping More Luxurious A Mum Reviews
  • Don’t Forget Your Favourite Treats

When you’re planning your camping food, it’s easy to just go for quick and easy things which is fine but your simple camping dishes can be improved hugely with the right seasoning, a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and a couple of glasses of your favourite wine that you like to enjoy at home. Some tasty snacks and other treats to enjoy while you’re camping make things feel more luxurious too. Last time we went camping, I picked up my favourite almond croissants to have with my morning coffee and that felt truly extravagant compared to some of the camping breakfasts that we have.

Simple Ways to Make Camping More Luxurious A Mum Reviews
  • Cosy Lighting

String some fairy lights outside or inside your tent to create a cosier and more luxe feel as well as provide lighting to help you see, of course. You can even take electric candles and lots of camping lanterns have several settings with at least one that’s mood lighting which helps create a nice environment to relax in at night.

  • Camping Chairs are Essential

If you want to be comfortable at your campsite, some decent camping chairs are a camping essential. Some sites offer picnic tables but not all so if you don’t want to sit on the floor during your whole trip, you’ll need some chairs. Try in store before buying if you can as camping chairs can vary massively in comfort.

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