Sustainable Styling Ideas for a Festive Christmas Table Setting

Sustainable Styling Ideas for a Festive Christmas Table Setting

Sustainable Styling Ideas for a Festive Christmas Table Setting

When you’re hosting a meal for a special event, it’s lovely to create a beautiful table setting to make the dinner even more special and memorable. With Christmas less than a couple of weeks away, let’s look at how we can make the Christmas table setting festive and gorgeous in a sustainable and eco-friendly way.

  • Consider Versatility

The most sustainable option is always to use what you already have rather than buying new things. That doesn’t mean that should never purchase anything new, but that your purchases should be done after considering whether it’s something you need and how it will be used.

When it comes to decorations for the home and for the table, versatility is an important aspect to consider. You don’t need a full set of tablecloths, serviettes, napkin rings, plates, cutlery, and décor for each holiday and event. If you choose wisely, you can use many of the same items for setting the table for Christmas, Easter, birthdays, and other seasonal events, by simply changing a few details.

Try to choose items with neutral colours as you can use this timeless and classic base to create all kinds of table settings by adding colours to suit the desired colour scheme for the event.

Sustainable Styling Ideas for a Festive Christmas Table Setting
  • Sustainable Materials

When selecting items for your table settings, think about the whether they are made from sustainable materials. When choosing a tablecloth, a table runner, or serviettes, 100% linen is the ideal material to look for. It’s naturally beautiful, strong, versatile, and sustainable.

Linen is durable too and easy to wash at home which is important when it comes to fabrics used at the dinner table.

Koivu table runner
Image Credit: Lapuan Kankurit Oy

A wonderful choice for dressing the table, is the Lapuan Kankurit Koivu Linen Festive Table Runner from

“Once upon a time in a remote snow white land, there was a silver birch wood, which came alive with the magic wand of skillful Lapuan weavers. And so the story of Koivu begins.

There is a whole line of beautiful goods made to furnish our homes from kitchen and terry bath towels to sauna covers and travel pillows. However, our choice for this season table setting is the festive table runner. Made from 100% Masters of Linen, it means that you have the best quality material that only grows in this part of the world. What is more suitable for Christmas than to spread a fairy tale on the table for the whole family to enjoy?

As Koivu table runner unrolls in front of everyone’s sight, it tells the story of the national tree of Finland, which is a symbol of the new beginning and is a true companion in Finnish everyday life. If you are looking to set the table for a special occasion, Koivu is the best gift to cover it with.”

–  Galya | White Motive

You can layer a tablecloth with a runner to create interesting designs for your table which is what I like to do for different occasions. I have one large tablecloth and a few options for runners which provides extra versatility without lots of extra stuff.

For other details, look for items made from metal, wood, or wicker which are eco-friendly and will look beautiful on your table too.

Sustainable Styling Ideas for a Festive Christmas Table Setting
  • The Details

Once you have a base and the required tableware that is versatile enough for different occasions, it’s time to think about the details that will change the setting from neutral to festive for Christmas. Natural foliage is a great eco-friendly way to decorate. Pine twigs and red berries look especially lovely and festive and bring nature to the table with beautiful colours of red and green – perfect for Christmas!

Candlelight is another classic way to make things cosy in the winter. Add a festive glow by adding a larger centrepiece or use several candlesticks or candle holders spread across the table. Be mindful of safety, of course, and place them where there’s no risk of things catching fire and use suitable candle holders for your table setting design and guests.

Add Christmassy decorations to the table – things you already have at home or perhaps you could craft some new Christmassy additions too? Mini baubles and ribbons can be used to create festive details for the table, for example. If you’re hosting a large gathering, handmade and handwritten place cards add a nice touch and provide another opportunity to make something look festive.

Sustainable Styling Ideas for a Festive Christmas Table Setting

Christmas is about spending time with your friends and family, having fun and sharing meals together. You are likely to spend a lot of time around the table over the holidays so enjoy making it look festive and beautiful for the event, choosing versatile and sustainable items to create your Christmas table setting.


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