The Benefits of Kitchen Extensions

The Benefits of Kitchen Extensions

The Benefits of Kitchen Extensions

Thinking of investing in the dream kitchen you’ve always wanted? Here’s why it’s a wise move:

The kitchen is arguably the most important room in the home. After all, it’s where all family activity tends to gravitate towards, and is a vital space both practically speaking and in terms of relaxation and enjoyment.

But as years go by and households grow, you may have found that your kitchen is feeling a little on the snug side. Every homeowner deserves to take pride in their kitchen, which is why it may be time to enhance and expand your surroundings by considering a kitchen extension. You might be wondering about the new kitchen cost, but don’t worry, a kitchen update can be done to suit different budgets.

Kitchen extensions are a great alternative to moving, and offer many long term benefits which we’ve outlined below. If you’re planning a kitchen extension, it’s important to do your research and bring in the help of experts like the team at Design and Build London.

Here are just some of the benefits of kitchen extensions for you to consider.

The Benefits of Kitchen Extensions
  • It will make your home more practical

From a practical standpoint, a kitchen extension is a great investment as it gives you the extra space your home needs. But this goes further than simply making your kitchen bigger; it also provides you with a wealth of possibilities for the rest of your home. If you currently dine in a separate room, a kitchen extension frees up this room to be anything you want to do be. An extra living space? A more formal dining room? A home study? Whatever you desire, a kitchen extension can provide.

Think about your kitchen extension in terms of how it could transform the layout of your wider home. Whether you want a new space for entertaining, you have a growing family, or you simply want a bigger kitchen to house all of your equipment and appliances, getting your reasoning clear in your mind is the best starting point.

The Benefits of Kitchen Extensions
  • It looks fantastic

As well as having lots of practical benefits, a kitchen extension is also a fantastic investment in terms of the aesthetic prowess it can bring. Having a larger kitchen will allow you to change the look and feel of the room altogether. You could opt for extra storage space to remove some of the clutter from your existing kitchen, or add some serious wow factor to the heart of your home with a breakfast bar, a kitchen island or even a drinks bar and built-in sitting area.

Having an island installed is a popular choice because it allows you to cook and serve meals without shutting yourself away from the rest of your family, allowing your home to flow seamlessly.

In short, kitchen extensions make it possible to use your new-found space for a multitude of different reasons that add to the quality of life in your home. It can even make cooking family meals or hosting groups of friends an effortless process.

Having a kitchen extension is a personal choice but it also makes for a more desirable home. If you’re trying to improve your home in order to add value ahead of a potential sale, sprucing up your kitchen is a great way to make your property stand out to buyers. After all, studies have shown that the kitchen is the most influential room when it comes to deciding whether to purchase a property.

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  • You don’t need to move

Kitchen extensions can increase the value of your home when moving, but they can also be a great alternative to moving. Unless your decision to move is a matter of location, then extending your current property could be a cheaper and easier solution. Uprooting your family and heading to a different location is a big decision and a huge undertaking, so being able to stay put by extending your home is a desirable alternative for many homeowners.

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