The Best Brunello di Montalcino You Can Taste

The Best Brunello di Montalcino You Can Taste A Mum Reviews

The Best Brunello di Montalcino You Can Taste

Brunello di Montalcino is, for the most part, one of the most renowned red wines of Italy and the entire world. It is one hundred percent Sangiovese that’s produced and grown in a small area in southern Tuscany.

As with most types of wine, there are excellent quality Brunellos, and there are, sadly, made of poor quality. But in this post, we will focus on the best and exceptional quality Brunellos that you should not miss trying.

These days, many winemakers produce world-class Brunellos that are worthy of your money. We have listed the best Brunello di Montalcino today that you should taste. So, read on!

The Best Brunello di Montalcino You Can Taste A Mum Reviews

  • Pian Delle Vigne

There is perhaps no more prominent source of invariably high-quality Brunello wine than Antorini’s. It’s frequently said that no family or clan has done better for Tuscan wine than the family of Antorini, and this is perhaps carried out by the magnificent strides made at the estate, acquired by the Antorini family in 1995.

Their version of Brunello di Montalcino is, for the most part, yielded and grown from at least sixty hectares of vineyards all over the area. The style of their Brunello is incredibly sophisticated and refined if not the original and classic Brunello.

The blast of flavors sets this wine apart from other variety, where the grapes or berries could normally dry out because of the long periods of barrel aging. Be that as it may, it’s clear that this Brunello wine is one of the top wines of the regions.

  • Il Palazzone

Il Palazzone is owned and managed by the preceding CEO of Time Warner, and now has gone from power to power ever since it was taken over by the spirited and vigorous Richard Parsons. He is an American investor who has a razor-sharp eye for an excellent investment.

Moreover, that is why he did not waste any time in making one of the highest quality and modern-style Brunello wines, very exotic, powerful, and deep. However, about half of the vineyards only belongs to this elevated estate that qualifies for the production of Brunellos.

Mario Bollag, a winemaker, makes wines with extract and real density, making it one of the classiest and expensive Riserva. He utilizes only the best grapes in the finest years to produce a wine of unrivaled potency and depth. Furthermore, the wine displays and showcases the oak-influenced, rich, lush, classic characteristics of Brunello; aromas and herb, spice flavors.

The Best Brunello di Montalcino You Can Taste A Mum Reviews

  • Casanova di Neri

Casanova di Neri is one of the newest breeds of Brunello wines. Giacomo Neri has, for the most part, worked incredibly hard along with Carlo Ferrini, a consultant, to make a meaty, rich, and stylish Brunello that is now loved and liked by wine lovers all over the world.

The winemaking process combines the excellent element of tradition and innovation. How? There is a unique French oak aside from the large botti, but this only improves and boosts the flavors and structure of the wine.

They produce a high-quality regular Tenuta Nuova, deluxe Cuvee, and Brunello, from across twenty-seven hectares of vineyards that are dispersed across different chosen sites in the area. A lot of people loved the concentrated and powerful Riserva Cerretalto, which attracts and entices with its powerful aromas and luxuriant complex palate, giving spices, red cherry, damson, and plum.

Investing in Fine Wines - An Introduction A Mum Reviews

  • Altesino

This variety of Brunello wine is one of the most-loved and well-established sources of Brunellos today. The estate has a very long history about winemaking, and even though it is now managed and taken over by the same owner of Caparzo, Claudio Basla still oversees the estate.

All of the wines produced by the estate are of the best quality, and it is one of the most respected of all the vineyards in Montosoli. But the usual bottling also displays intense class and depth; meaty, ripe, full, and accessible soon after release.

The wine adds an additional dimension of complexity. However, it’s the cru Montosoli that connoisseurs actually drool over, a Riserva of immense power and depth. The vineyards are, for the most part, situated in the northern part of Brunello.

  • Argiano Brunello di Montalcino

The Argiano Brunello di Montalcino is one of the most famous Brunello wines in the world. To produce it, Argiano chooses the grapes from its most premium vineyards and ages the wines in different kinds of wood. This variety of Brunello wine is known for its deep ruby red color and elegance. It showcases a persistent aftertaste and an excellent concentration on the palate.


If you are on the hunt for the best Brunello wine, then this post could help you out. In this post, we have listed five of the best Brunellos that you must try. From Pian Delle Vigne to Il Palazzone to Casanova di Neri to Altesino to Argiano Brunello di Montalcino, there is undoubtedly a Brunello for you.

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