The Importance Of Having Garden Storage | A Complete Guide

The Importance Of Having Garden Storage | A Complete Guide

The Importance Of Having Garden Storage | A Complete Guide

A beautifully laid-out garden can feel tranquil and provide a place to escape from the hustle and bustle of home and work. But if your garden is scattered with garden tools and you don’t have sufficient lumber storage, it can look untidy and feel disconcertingly cramped.

Don’t despair! There are inexpensive ways to organise everything to maximise space and transform even a compact garden into a little slice of paradise. With a little creativity, a spot of imagination and quality timber storage, your garden will turn into an oasis.

The Importance Of Having Garden Storage | A Complete Guide

Timber Storage Ideas: Stylish And Practical Solutions

It is important to have a designated garden storage system to ensure you maximise your space.

You may wonder where to find enough storage space to organise everything, but each wall and corner provides an extra place to store goods. Here are some timber storage ideas you can easily implement in your garden:

– Log stores

If you make use of a wood-burning stove to keep your home toasty or have an outdoor fire pot or chiminea, then you are definitely in need of a place to keep your logs organised and dry. A timber log store is the ideal way to have fuel ready to go for your next marshmallow toasting session!

Log stores can also be repurposed for other garden needs. With the addition of a shelf or two, you have the perfect place for seedlings and other potting tools to stay safely and neatly in place. The size is also ideal for kids’ scooters if you want to give theme some protection from the elements and prevent them from becoming garden-tripping hazards.

– Garden Shed

The humble garden shed is the classic way to provide storage in the garden. Whether you intend to turn it into a garden getaway where you can relax amongst your plants or want to keep an impressive collection of tools safe, this is an ideal option. the size of a shed is limited only by your imagination. From sheds that can easily double as a crafting or home working space to ones that are compact enough to sit beside your wheelie bins, the options are endless.

– A Timber Bike or Garden Store

If you need more space and security than a log store offers but don’t have the space for a shed, then a bike or garden store may be your best option. Stores are generally lockable and can open from the top and front to make it easy to get bikes, bins or garden toys in and out with the minimum of fuss. Crucially they are not as tall as a shed so you wont nee to worry about it blocking sun or the view while you are relaxing in your garden

The Importance Of Having Garden Storage | A Complete Guide

Style Meets Functionality

Space saving and storage systems don’t just need to be functional. They can also be stylish and add to the overall ambience of your garden.

– Tiered planters

Tiered planters, either hanging or on a stand, are a great way to save space and always look aesthetically pleasing. You can even DIY them by repurposing scrap wood, old crates, or ladders into a tiered stand for your planters.

– Hidden storage ideas

You might also want to consider building ottoman-style seating and use the ottomans as storage bins to store odds and ends. This is a creative and efficient storage idea.

man cave ideas

Enhancing Garden Aesthetics

Once your garden has been neatly organised, there are some other things you can do to further enhance your space:

  • Create a focal point, like a statue or water feature.
  • Use lighting to enhance your garden at night.
  • Lay stone or gravel paths for accessibility throughout the garden.
  • Use plants and planters of different sizes to create layers of depth.
  • Hang a feeder for birdseed to attract birds to the yard.

The Importance Of Having Garden Storage – Final Thoughts

You can transform your garden from clutter and chaos to a haven of beauty and tranquillity. All it takes is a little inspiration and some great storage ideas. Invest in sheds, shelves, or carts to store everything from plywood to small scraps. With a little imagination, your garden will be beautiful once again.

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