The Importance of Vitamin D Supplements over Winter

The Importance of Vitamin D Supplements over Winter A Mum Reviews

The Importance of Vitamin D Supplements over Winter

I’m sure I’m not the only one feeling the effects of the change in weather and the short and dark days with very limited sunlight. As you might know, our main source of Vitamin D is the the sun but during winter, there’s not much of it.

We can also get Vitamin D from a small number of foods, like oily fish, red meat, liver and egg yolks, as well as from fortified food items like breakfast cereal and some fat spreads. It is, however, very difficult to get the recommended amount of Vitamin D from food alone and that’s why it’s so important to take a Vitamin D supplement, especially over the winter months (or all year round if you don’t spend much time outdoors or have darker skin).

“Vitamin D helps to control the amount of calcium and phosphate in our bodies. Both are needed for healthy bones, teeth and muscles.”


The advice is that adults and children over the age of one should consider taking a daily supplement containing 10mcg of vitamin D during autumn and winter. All babies under 12 months of age should have a daily 8.5-10mcg vitamin D supplement to make sure they get enough but if they are having formula (more than 500ml per day) then they don’t need a supplement as formula is already fortified with vitamins. You can read more about these recommendations on the NHS website.

The Importance of Vitamin D Supplements over Winter A Mum Reviews

Oilesen make a Vitamin D3 range with Extra Virgin Olive Oil for efficient absorption. The range includes three different products: a spray, soft liquid capsules and drops for infants to make the supplements easy to take or administer.

The drops are perfect for newborns and older babies and toddlers and one drop provides all they need per day.

The spray can be used by children and adults and makes it really easy to take your supplement as you don’t have to swallow any capsules or pills. Just spray into your mouth or the mouth of your child and you’re done. This one is also great for elderly people.

The capsules are small and easy to swallow and a great choice for children over 5 years and adults of all ages. You just take one capsule per day with a meal to make sure you are getting enough Vitamin D.

Find out more about the Oilesen Vitamin D supplements here.

Oilesen samples provided for this post.

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