The Life Tree Review – Amazing & Magical Personalised Artwork

The Life Tree Review – Amazing & Magical Personalised Artwork A Mum Reviews

The Life Tree Review – Amazing & Magical Personalised Artwork for Children

We are hoping to move to a new house soon and ever since we started looking at larger houses for our family, I’ve been imagining and planning the different rooms but especially the rooms for our children. Currently, our eldest has a room but it’s not really hers as it is also used as my office and for storing clothes, towels and bedding.

In the new house, the girls will have their own rooms, unless they want to share with each other, and for a while, we will probably have a playroom too. It will be lovely and I can’t wait to decorate it and make their spaces fun, practical and magical.

We already have an amazing personalised painting that will most likely go in the playroom. It’s called The Life Tree and it’s so beautiful it took my breath away when it arrived on our doorstep. It’s really an enchanting piece of art that follows life’s journey from birth to old age and beyond.The Life Tree Review – Amazing & Magical Personalised Artwork A Mum Reviews

“The picture features charming, animal characters each of which depict a different stage in life, from the arrival of Baby Fox at the bottom of the tree, to Mr Mouse climbing the final staircase at the very top of the tree.“

You personalise your painting with your child’s name or a short sentence and the letters are carefully hidden throughout the painting, making it unique and extra fun and special. I chose the words “I Love You” as the painting is for both my daughters and any future family additions. You can use up to 10 letters or numbers.The Life Tree Review – Amazing & Magical Personalised Artwork A Mum Reviews

This beautiful painting is available to buy as a Personalised Picture Printed on Paper (17.5″ x 22″) for £99 or framed for £250. It’s also available on canvas which makes it look even more impressive! The framed canvas in the smaller size costs £399 and the size of the picture is 24″ x 30″ (frame size 29″ x 35″). The larger Deluxe one is 36″ x 45″ (frame size 44″ x 50″). The frame is handmade and great quality  a nice sturdy frame with a depth that makes the picture pop. It has a contrasting white inset slip to make the image stand out even more. £5 from the sale of every Life Tree is donated to The Joshua Tree a Cheshire based children’s cancer charity, which offers one to one practical, emotional and therapeutic support to sufferers and their families.The Life Tree Review – Amazing & Magical Personalised Artwork A Mum Reviews

With your painting, you get a book of verses with each verse relating to a different scene in The Life Tree. The verses are thought-provoking and entertaining at the same time. You can simply read them on their own or while looking at the picture. You can also get a free app that’s really easy to use and lets you interact with the scenes and listen to the verses of wisdom as the app reads them out to you. You just choose which scene you want to listen too. It’s so simple to use for very young kids too.The Life Tree Review – Amazing & Magical Personalised Artwork A Mum Reviews

With your The Life Tree, you also receive a Certificate of Ownership signed by the artist, adding to the sense of magic.The Life Tree Review – Amazing & Magical Personalised Artwork A Mum Reviews

The whole family loves this amazing, enchanting and impressive piece of art and we can all look at it for ages and discover new things about it. I think we’ll keep discovering things for many years to come! It’s such a nice painting that looks great on the wall but is exciting and fun too it’s more than just art. It makes you think about life and makes you discuss important topics with your kids too as they ask questions about the different scenes and verses. It’s a brilliant idea that is executed very well.The Life Tree Review – Amazing & Magical Personalised Artwork A Mum Reviews

Something that I love is that the painting looks very classic when you look at it quickly but when you look more closely at the details you can spot some very modern aspects too which is perfect for today’s kids. You’ll see the characters holdings things like takeaway pizza, coffee in takeaway cups, smartphones and laptops. Everything is so well thought out and the fun details work perfectly with the animal characters and woodland setting. I like that there are jungle and Savannah animals in the picture too, mixing with forest animals like foxes and owls!

The Story of The Life Tree:

The Life Tree was commissioned by and is exclusive to Blutulip which is a Cheshire-based independent contemporary fine art publisher. The Tree Life was inspired by the beautiful illustrations often seen in children’s books and Blutulip directors Daniel and Graham wanted to create a bespoke piece of illustrative artwork for children that would inspire their imagination. They wanted The Life Tree to hold messages that would be recognised and understood by adults. Together with Russian illustrator Lisa Beta, they created a very special piece of art to be loved by families and one that’s likely to become a treasured keepsake, cherished for life and passed on to future generations. The Life Tree took 18 months to develop from concept to creation.

Graham explains:

“As a child I remember being captivated by the illustrations in my books. Dan and I started to think about how we could incorporate that sense of wonderment and true illustrative art into a stand-alone painting. We hope that everyone who has the picture will treasure it and our greatest wish is that it becomes so well-loved that it is passed on to future generations, which is why we say that no one owns a Life Tree they are simply its Guardian!”

Lisa Beta comments:

“The Life tree was such an amazing project to work on. As soon as I met with Graham I saw the passion he has for the project and I really wanted to be a part of it and create something magical. Working on The Life Tree was addictive, it took over my life for 8 months, but to be part of creating something so special was the best possible experience.”

Lisa grew up surrounded by art with a father who was a talented illustrator and animator. Lisa loved watching him work, learning all she could from him. The passion remained and she went on to study the craft at Lomonosov University in Moscow before graduating with a degree in art history and criticism. You can really see her attention to detail as you look at the picture. You see new things all the time!

Graham and Daniel wanted The Life Tree to be truly interactive and their desire was to create a level of engagement like that experienced with animated films. That’s why they developed the book of verses to narrate the different scenarios from the painting.

Soon, The Life Tree will also be available in Illuminapp form, which is Blutulip’s own patent-pending artwork lighting system which is controlled by an app on your phone.  Using this system, The Life Tree can be lit from within its frame using any colour imaginable all easily created on a smartphone. This sounds like the best nightlight ever!

The Life Tree is really the start of a new generation of art for the whole family to enjoy! We absolutely love ours!

Buy yours here:

Product provided to me for this review. As always, all my reviews are 100% honest and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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