The Most Helpful Gardening Tools

The Most Helpful Gardening Tools A Mum Reviews

The Most Helpful Gardening Tools

Just like any job, gardening is more enjoyable when you have the correct tools. What you need naturally depends on the type of garden you have and what kind of plants and trees etc. that you need to deal with on a regular basis.

In this post, I’ll go through some gardening tools that I find particularly helpful:

  • Electric Lawn Mover

This is by far our most used gardening tool. We have a large lawn that needs cutting quite often during the summer so a good lawn mover is a must. We’re getting a new one for the new house but will go for a similar type, just a more modern model. For us, electric is definitely the way to go when it comes to a lawn mover. Manual ones are too much work and petrol ones too much hassle.

  • Hedge Trimmer

We have several large hedges here at our current house which take quite a lot of effort to tackle every few weeks in the summer. A powerful hedge trimmer is a must-have tool for this job and saves us lots of time.

  • Garden Extension Cord

The two tools above need electricity to work so an extension cord suitable for outdoor use is also essential. One that comes with a cable reel and weatherproof sockets is the best option for ease of use and safety too.

The Most Helpful Gardening Tools A Mum Reviews

  • Chainsaw

Sometimes, we have to do bigger jobs that involve trimming trees and cutting larger pieces of wood up and for those tasks, a chainsaw is so useful to cut down on time and effort. You can find a good selection of chainsaws from SGS.

  • Garden Hose & Sprinkler

A long garden hose on a reel and a good sprinkler that easily covers the area that you need to water is something all gardens with lawns need to help with watering during summer heatwaves.

The Most Helpful Gardening Tools A Mum Reviews

  • Extra Large Flexi Tubs

Flexi Tubs are useful for lots of things but especially around the garden. You can use them to plant things in or to catch rainwater, for example. The extra large ones are great for collecting cut grass and hedge trimmings for storing them and transporting your garden waste to where you can dispose of it correctly.

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