The Perfect Cosy Night in with lumière | AD

AD | The Perfect Cosy Night in with lumière

AD | The Perfect Cosy Night in with lumière

Cosy nights in have never been so important with the amount of time that we all have spent at home. A home needs to be a sanctuary, a place of calm and relaxation and we all have individual ways to achieve this. We have different needs for a cosy night in and in this post I’ll be sharing my essentials for a perfect cosy night in.

AD | The Perfect Cosy Night in with lumière

To get ready for a cosy night at home, I like to set the scene by making sure the kitchen and living room are tidy and clean after a busy day with the kids. I shut the blinds, get my favourite cushions and blankets ready on the sofa for a night of relaxing. Any bright lights get turned off and we turn on smaller lights that emit a calm and warm glow. We also light some candles which is a great way to make a room feel instantly cosy.


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The Perfect Cosy Night in with lumière A Mum Reviews

Now it’s time to sit down. The kids have hopefully gone to bed well and now it’s time for my husband and I to spend some time together. We love watching films or stand-up comedy together and will sometimes have a takeaway as a treat. A few drinks and something sweet are essential too! Chocolates are always great and recently I have really got into baking cookies and am experimenting with my own recipe so we are eating cookies a lot too.

AD | The Perfect Cosy Night in with lumière

What do you do to ensure a cosy night in?

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