The Best Tips for Decorating Your Baby’s Nursery

Tips for Decorating Your Baby's Nursery A Mum Reviews

The Best Tips for Decorating Your Baby’s Nursery

A big milestone for expecting parents or new parents is to decorate their baby’s nursery. It’s a special moment and a process that most parents really enjoy. You might have a clear idea in your mind with a vision of what you want your baby’s room to look like or your might not have any idea at all. Or perhaps you’re somewhere in the middle. Any is fine – you will get there! In this article we will look at some tips for decorating your baby’s nursery, so read on to learn more.

Get Inspired

The first step is to find some inspiration to help you come up with ideas that will work for your home and family. I love using Pinterest for this as it’s a great tool with pretty much never-ending content. You can find anything you need on there. Magazines are great too and there are lots of home design titles to choose from. You can also have a look at Instagram for inspirational photos. Gather some ideas and make a digital mood board to see them together. Then narrow down the ideas to your favourites that you think would be best for your baby’s room.

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Make it Happen

Lots of parents like to decorate their baby’s room while he or she is still in utero. This is absolutely fine if you feel like you have the energy for it. The baby will most likely not sleep in their own room until they’re around 6 months old (or older) but it’s a nice part of the nesting process to decorate the nursery. It is also great to have the dedicated space for the first few months of your baby’s life – for nappy changes and storing all the baby clothes and baby gear.

Once you’ve decided what you want, you need to get the supplies ready for the room makeover. Remember to choose non toxic paint for your walls and anything else that you’re painting.

A great way to create interesting designs on your walls is to use nursery wall decals. They can easily be changed as your baby grows and becomes a child with their own interests and preferences. Great options for a nursery include flower wall decals and other nature themed designs which will help create a tranquil bedroom.

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Furniture for your baby’s nursery

When it comes to furniture, the main things you need in a nursery are:

  • A baby cot for your baby to sleep in. Choose a full size cot that will fit your baby for longer. Many can be converted into toddler beds too which is handy.
  • Somewhere to change your baby’s nappies. This can be a changing table or you can create your own changing station on top of a chest of drawers for example.
  • Storage for nappies and other hygiene items and storage for baby clothes. Baby clothes are small and don’t take up much space but most parents like to have clothes in upcoming sizes available to grow into so some extra storage space is always useful.
  • A nursing chair where you can breast- or bottle feed your baby and settle them when they wake up in the night.
  • Some toy and book storage is also a good idea as your little one will soon be looking for entertainment!

The above tips will help you with the process of designing a safe and welcoming nursery for your new bundle of joy!


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