Tips for Parents When Moving House With Kids

Tips for Parents When Moving House With Kids

Tips for Parents When Moving House With Kids

Moving house can be a stressful and overwhelming experience as it involves a lot of organising, carrying, shifting, packing, and cleaning. However, while relocating can be physically exhausting for us parents, moving houses can be extra stressful and emotionally exhausting for our children too. Uprooting your children from their home and comfort zone can be a distressing and traumatic experience if not done right. Thus, as a parent, you need to ensure that you minimise the stress that moving can cause. You also need to make sure that you prepare your kids to adjust to the transition.

Our children are still trying to figure out things in life. They do not have enough experience to face massive changes that require them to adapt and entirely change their lifestyle. Moving house may have varying impacts on different kids. Some kids may take it lightly, while some children may see it as a traumatic experience. Starting a new life means that our kids lose friends. Children also tend to attach themselves to small things and places. Waking up in a new home can, therefore, drastically affect them socially and emotionally.

Here are some tips on how you can make a move easier for your family, especially for your children:

Moving House
  • Talk to Your Children

Make sure to have a deep talk with your children when you announce the move. Starting a new life in another city or location may be exciting for you, but your children may feel otherwise. Announce the move weeks, or even months, before so they can prepare themselves early. Explain the reason for your move, and list all the things they can look forward to in your new home.

Your children may express their disappointment or anger when you announce your move. It is essential to acknowledge your children’s feelings and empathise with them. Keep communicating with your kids and recognise their emotions. Try to mention your plans in your new home one by one, so they will have an idea about the new life they will face when you relocate.

New House
  • Visit the New Place

If you can, try to visit your new house with your children. Visiting your new home will help your kids know what to expect, so they can better prepare themselves for the transition. Make them feel included in your decisions as a family. Being inclusive will help them feel that you are facing this new journey together as a family.

When visiting the new place, try to also go to nearby parks, playgrounds, and other attractions. Visit their new school and show them those things that you think may excite them. Visit restaurants, malls, or arcades where your kids can play and enjoy. The goal is to create as many new experience as possible and associate your new home with fun, positive emotions.

Tips for Parents When Moving House With Kids
  • Make Sure Everything is Planned Ahead

To minimise the stress of moving, ensure everything runs smoothly on your moving day by planning everything ahead of time. Relocating is not just about carrying furniture and shifting boxes. It also involves settling your bills, updating your address, availing of the service of a removal company, fixing your schedule, etc. If you are moving abroad, you also need to prepare a couple of things, including your passport and Visa. Here is a checklist of what you should not forget when moving abroad.

Tips for Parents When Moving House With Kids
  • Finish the Move ASAP

The sight of unorganised boxes and a cluttered house can be stressful and overwhelming for your kids. To help them adjust and transition better to your new home, make sure that you settle your move ASAP. Relocating can take days if you do it alone. Try to ask for help from your friends and relatives so you can finish your move early. You can also try to avail of the service of a removal company to help you carry and move your heavy furniture.

One good and credible way to ensure that you are wrapping up the moving process quickly is by hiring house removal services in london. It would be wise to compare price quotes, understand how the process works and how much extra you might get charged if you ask the moving companies for packaging help. According to experts, if you are able to get the process done with in one single day, it would be best for your family, especially the children and pets. 

Another trick you can do to settle ASAP in your new home is to rent a storage facility. You can transport first to your new house those items and furniture that you are sure you will need. You can then store those unessential items indefinitely at the self-storage unit. Once you have settled in your new home, you can start adding those items you kept in the storage unit to your house one by one.

Storage facilities are in demand now. If you are moving to a busy city like Brighton, make sure to rent a self storage in Brighton early.

Kids Room
  • Set up the Rooms for Your Kids

Every new experience, especially for something as huge as moving house, can leave a mark on your kids’ memories. Thus, you have to ensure that your new home leaves a good initial impression on them. You can do this best by setting up the rooms for your kids and make them kid-friendly. Make sure their rooms become a safe space for them by adding colours they like and other comforting elements. You can also help your children adjust better by adding familiar things inside their room, such as their toys or teddy bears.

  • Keep Checking on Your Children

Sometimes, the effect of moving houses may take time. Your kids may seem excited at first, but they may start feeling the loneliness after a couple of days. This adjustment period is indefinite, so make sure you keep checking on your children to make their transition easier. Keep communicating with them and ask them how they feel. If your children are missing their old friends, help them stay in touch by setting up video calls or writing letters. Try to bond or play with your children so you can create new memories in your new home.

Moving and adjusting to a new life is a gradual process. For our children, this may mean leaving behind the only life they have known since birth. It is our responsibility as parents to help them adjust to their new home. 

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