Top Décor Ideas for Moms Who Want to Upgrade Their Family Home

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Top Décor Ideas for Moms Who Want to Upgrade Their Family Home

Being a mom is hard enough without decorating an entire house. If you have been tasked with the responsibility of decorating your family home, then you’ve got your work cut out for you. Not only do you need to buy new furniture, but you also need to paint or add wallpaper, among other things. You might want to enlist the help of relatives or friends, because looking after children while redecorating can be very hard.

This article will explain some top décor ideas for moms that want to upgrade their family home:

  • Beach House

A very popular style right now is the “beach house.” Put simply, this style essentially mimics traditional coastal beach houses, which are large, bright, and airy. It is very simple to pull off this aesthetic, although if you really want to get the complete look then you might need to install French doors, to let in more light. Additionally, you can complement your interior’s overall design by adding coastal theme cushions and beach-themed accessories, like fisherman’s lanterns. A good place to find beach-themed accessories and furniture is at auction, or by actually visiting coastal towns and browsing their antique shops.

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  • Boho Chic

Boho stands for bohemian. It is a style that became extremely popular in the 1960s. The boho style involves the use of lots of rugs, hangings, and textiles (preferably antique, and from Iran, Morocco, or Turkey). Antique furniture is used heavily with this style. With that said, you should try to find furniture that stands out and isn’t just run-of-the-mill antique furniture. Think 16th-century Chinese opium beds, ethereal Japanese screens, and lacquer coffers. The only downside to this style is that the furniture can be very expensive, which makes it inaccessible to most ordinary people. The only way to get this furniture without spending a fortune is to buy it at auction, which can be difficult if you haven’t got any experience in auction-buying.

  • Modern Design

Modern design involves the use of modern furniture. This type of style is quite minimalistic, but also great for new homes. The modern design style does not suit older homes, like cottages. The only downside to the modern style is that, for parents, it involves the use of a lot of white paint and gray furniture. If your children are very young, then this probably isn’t the best idea, because your child’s bound to vomit or make a mess on the furniture once or twice. This could be very expensive to repair, especially if you bought the furniture from a trendy designer. If you are going to buy lots of light furniture, then put sheets and covers down.

  • Rustic Charm

The rustic style is extremely popular at the moment. It is very popular among young families because the furniture used is hardwearing and usually antique. Unlike other styles, the rustic style incorporates hard pine furniture. Other styles tend not to use pine, instead choosing oak or teak. Pine is a very hard-wearing wood that suits the farmhouse aesthetic very well. One of the greatest advantages of pine is that it is very affordable because it is “out of style” in many respects. The rustic look is great if you live on a rural property or in a farmhouse.

Top Décor Ideas for Moms Who Want to Upgrade Their Family Home
  • Modern East

The boho style incorporates textiles and rugs from North Africa and the East, but the rugs and textiles used are antique. “Modern East” is a style that incorporates newer textiles and furniture. It is a fusion of modern design and bohemian chic. The downside to this style is that the furniture and textiles used can be extremely expensive. A single modern Persian rug can cost thousands of dollars, sometimes tens of. The best way to buy modern Persian rugs is at auction, where they are usually sold for a lot less than they are in shops or galleries.

  • Traditional Home

A traditional home is a style that uses antique furniture, but not in the same way that bohemian chic or rustic do. A traditional home usually has traditional, timeless furniture. The furniture used is often dark, oak, and very expensive. As with other styles here, the best way to achieve this style on a budget is to buy furniture at an auction. Auction buying is a very effective way of getting good deals on furniture. You can sign up for auctions online and have furniture delivered directly to your door, though shipping from an auction house can be expensive.

Make sure that whatever style you choose the furniture is child-safe. It’s dangerous to bring furniture into your home that isn’t child-safe because it could result in them injuring themselves. Make sure to cover the sharp edges of any furniture if necessary.

Author: Allen Brown.

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