Top Tips for a Stress Free Move

Top Tips for a Stress Free Move A Mum Reviews

Top Tips for a Stress Free Move

While moving house can be incredibly exciting, it’s easy to see why it’s also considered one of life’s most stressful events. Even if you are eagerly looking forward to starting a new chapter, the process of moving everything you own and changing your entire routine can be both physically and emotionally exhausting. But does it have to be that way? Check out these top tips to make your home move a dream come true.

House Move
  • Find Your Dream Home

Understanding how much you can afford is the first step to finding the most suitable home for your family. If you don’t know the area very well, it makes sense to take plenty of time researching as many different properties as you can. Some websites can also help give you some data about the local community. Having a clear idea of how much your home is worth can be very helpful, especially since so many properties have recently increased above expectations. Many companies like Spring, for example, offer a free no-obligation valuation which can help you decide if the time is right for you to sell.

  • Plan Ahead

Like most things in life, moving home can be considerably easier by keeping everything as simple as possible and planning is vital to keep everything running smoothly. Once you start to consider moving house, it’s never too early to start thinking ahead about the move. Like, do you need to get help with moving, do you need to declutter before packing, etc?

To Do List Check List
  • Make Some Checklists

Lists will help keep you sane and feeling confident that everything is in hand. The act of ticking items off is also a great way to feel you are making progress and avoids that sense of overwhelm that can make moving a nightmare. Break the items down into things that need to be completed at regular intervals before the move, such as getting quotes from removal firms, organising somewhere for pets or small children to stay and arranging mail redirection. Having a clear moving date established early on can make all the difference.

  • Declutter

Before you even begin to think about organising removals, take a good look at your possessions and decide what you want to take with you into your new home. There is no point wasting time and money moving items that will go straight to the rubbish tip when you arrive. You might also find it helpful to measure your new home carefully to make sure your furniture will fit. Taking a little time organising items to sell can also bring in a little extra spending money to treat yourself to a takeaway on your first night. Alternatively, recycle and donate anything your family has outgrown.

Phone Call
  • Keep Talking

Last-minute changes and misunderstandings can cause an enormous headache. To avoid any nasty surprises, you need to keep communicating with both your selling agent and your buyers. Regular communication is vital and you need to be as precise as possible with your information, especially regarding what fixtures and fittings will be left behind and what time you can expect the property to be empty.

  • Avoid Delays

Conveyancing can be a slow process so try to do everything you can to keep the process moving forward and use conveyancing services to help you. Return calls as quickly as possible and keep some key documents scanned and saved somewhere accessible so that they can be forwarded quickly if needed. If your timescale is short, some companies like Spring can complete the whole process within 7 days.

If you want to avoid the inconvenience of the open market, you may want to enlist the help of a home buying company as they can take you through the process from beginning to end very quickly or at a rate that suits you.

Top Tips for a Stress Free Move A Mum Reviews
  • Start Packing

Collect some large and sturdy boxes as soon as you can and begin to pack away the room in the house used least often. Use this space to store your boxes ahead of the move. Keep a packing kit handy containing a marker pen, tape, scissors and tools for dismantling. Keep everything from one area or item together, such as bulbs and screws from fixings. Avoid overfilling your boxes as they will inevitably break or become too heavy to lift, making moving even more difficult. Label your boxes very carefully, noting exactly which room they are to go to in the new home and bullet point some of the key items so it becomes easier to find things on the other side. If you like lists, you might like to make a comprehensive inventory of the items in each numbered box. Different colours for different rooms can also be a great way to make sure everything arrives where it is meant to be.

  • Be Kind to Yourself

Acknowledging that moving is tough is the first step to a stress-free move. Take care of yourself by trying to get as much quality sleep as you can before you move as it can be hard to sleep properly in a new house. Make sure you take regular breaks and keep yourself hydrated and fed during the move. If you can, it might be helpful to book time off just after the move to help you catch up with yourself. Creating a comfort box for every member of the family can be a great way to make sure everyone can relax even when everything seems in turmoil. Include favourite toys for your children and your regular coffee mug and snacks.

Make Your Bed
  • Make Your Beds

Getting ready for your first night ahead of time is also a good way to help stay relaxed. Make the beds as soon as you arrive, so that no matter what state the rest of the house is in, everyone can go to bed when they want. Keeping a box of essentials close to hand can also make all the difference. Think about what you will need for your first day such as phone chargers, medication, toiletries or clean underwear.

  • Get Help

If someone offers some help, whether it be carrying boxes or entertaining the children, never say no! You might like to employ professional help in the form of a removals firm; choose wisely by getting a range of quotes and checking out their recommendations. You might not need to incur this extra expense if you use an agent like Spring which allows customers up to 14 days to gain access to their property after the sale.

Overall, moving can be stressful but with the right agent and plenty of support, it doesn’t need to be.

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