Trying to Drink More Water

Trying to Drink More Water A Mum Reviews

Trying to Drink More Water

In summer, I’m quite good at drinking water but during the cold part of the year, I’m not. I just reach for coffee and tea during the day to stay warm and caffeinated but I should really drink more water during the day. I do drink a couple of large glasses in the evening but I need to spread the hydration out throughout the day.

I’m making an effort to drink more water and I have a few tricks that help me:

  • I drink a glass of water while I wait for the kettle to boil for that morning cuppa! It’s ideal to start rehydrating as soon as you get up so make it a habit to drink a glass before your coffee or tea and you’re off to a great start.
  • I take vitamins and minerals every day and it’s especially important to me at the moment as I’ve recently found out that I’m iron deficient. I have started taking my supplements in the afternoon which gives me a great excuse to have a glass of water too. I also have a bit of orange juice to help the iron absorption.
  • When you’re iron deficient, you should avoid caffeine near your meals so my lunchtime drink has to be water or sugar-free squash which helps me up my water intake for the day.
  • I also have a pint of water with our evening meal and drink a non-caffeinated tea when relaxing before bedtime.
  • When I go out with the kids, I pack my stainless-steel water bottle to ensure I have water available to drink to avoid going thirsty.

I don’t often buy bottled water as we have good tap water where we live and it’s free and better for the environment but there’s always an exception and for me that’s when we’re travelling.

When we fly to Sweden to see my family, we go via Manchester airport and there’s nowhere to fill up a reusable water bottle there so we always buy a bottle or two from one of the shops to keep the family hydrated throughout the journey, then I recycle it at our destination.

Update – there are places to fill up your reusable water bottle at Manchester airport now!

Trying to Drink More Water A Mum Reviews

I was recently sent a couple of bottles of AQUA Carpatica Still Natural Mineral Water to try.

“AQUA Carpatica is naturally Nitrate free and has a low sodium level and mineral content, meaning that it is the perfect water of choice to maintain a healthy body and stay hydrated – especially when exercising or pregnant. The water has just won a taste test with Olive Magazine, beating Fiji water to the top spot.”

 “ Millions of years of volcanic activity naturally carbonates the water and enriches it with electrolytes and minerals. Every litre provides Potassium, nearly 24% of an adult’s recommended daily requirement of Calcium and 16% of Magnesium.”

I agree that it’s a really nice tasting water it tastes very pure and clean. It doesn’t have that chemical taste that tap water sometimes has and it’s not got that soapy taste that some other brands of mineral water have.

The bottles are free from BPA and 100% recyclable which is something I always look for, like the ones from JUST Water.

On the few occasions that I buy a plastic bottle, I ensure it’s recyclable and disposed of the correct way. The 1 litre bottles have an RRP of £0.89 which is great value. AQUA Carpatica also comes in glass bottles which is the way I prefer it. I would love to see the glass ones available to buy in the airports for our next trip.

Trying to Drink More Water A Mum Reviews

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