Top Ways to Connect with Friends More Often

Top Ways to Connect with Friends More Often A Mum Reviews

Top Ways to Connect with Friends More Often

Life tends to get pretty busy, especially nowadays, and it’s getting increasingly hard to stay connected with your friends – some are moving away, or are full-time working, or in long-term relationships. It doesn’t mean they are completely gone – after all, our friends are more or less essential in our lives and can still be a great source for support even when you go without contact for a longer time.

However, there are plenty of things you can do to make sure you still stay in touch with your dear friends even when life throws curve balls at you – and here are our top 5:

Top Ways to Connect with Friends More Often A Mum Reviews
  • Consistency over frequency

People who stay constantly connected aren’t necessarily the closest friends, just like meeting up once in a blue moon doesn’t mean you can’t stay friends. What’s more important is staying consistent and connecting with them even if only through the occasional text or 10-minute call. This is important especially when you live far away from each other, and it becomes easier to let friendships drift apart.

Make sure to stay connected because you enjoy their friendship and care about them, and not seek them out only when you need something.

  • Host a dinner party

If you and your friends live nearby, it may be a good time to invite them over for a dinner party. Good food, drinks (like the ones offered by Forest Wines – you can even get an organic wine delivery if you don’t feel like going shopping) and an entertaining board game can be enough to reignite the fun times you used to have, and even lead to creating new memories together.

If hosting a dinner party is too time-consuming or expensive, you can always just invite them to a nice dinner out in town at your favourite restaurants.

Top Ways to Connect with Friends More Often A Mum Reviews
  • Move the parties online

Hosting a dinner party or going out may be difficult if you live far away from your friends. That is far from being an issue nowadays – with apps like Discord or Zoom, as well as a multitude of multiplayer games to choose from, you can move the parties online and have a great time even from a distance. Spending time together doesn’t need to mean physically, as online friendships are becoming more of a norm – and they are just as meaningful and fun.

  • Go on a trip together

Another great way to spend some fun time with your friends no matter where you live is taking a trip together. Think about all those trips that you always planned together but never happened due to various reasons, choose one and make it happen!

It doesn’t matter if you go to a luxury resort near the Mediterranean or rent a cabin in the mountains – the company is what will make this trip unforgettable. Going on such adventures together ensures that you stay in touch with your friends and build memories together, even if life takes you apart sometimes.

Top Ways to Connect with Friends More Often A Mum Reviews
  • Include them in your daily routine

Taking a trip together or hosting a dinner party sounds nice, but you can’t do them too often.  In the meantime, another fun way to stay in touch with your friends is by including each other in your daily routine – this can mean going on errands together or setting up a time (can even be just 10 minutes) to call throughout the week, even if to discuss trivial things from your day-to-day life. Keeping each other updated on the major life events goes without saying but giving small updates on trivial things can help keep up the intimacy of a close friendship even when you are far away.

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