Twitter Marketing: 5 Great Ideas for Engaging Tweets

Twitter Marketing 5 Great Ideas for Engaging Tweets A Mum Reviews

Twitter Marketing: 5 Great Ideas for Engaging Tweets

We’ve all heard of Twitter but did you know that it sees over 190 million users log in every single day? It’s a marketing treasure trove for any business and it’s time you get into the game!

The good news is that Twitter marketing sounds more difficult than it is. By following a few key tweet ideas, you’ll have no trouble getting your business to boom.

Check out our guide down below!

1. Create a New Meme

Memes are one of the easiest ways to get an audience to engage with a brand. It not only shows that you speak the same language but also that you’re a fun-loving company that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

With the help of a meme generator, it’s easy to use old memes to make interesting Twitter posts or to create new ones that’ll take the Internet by storm!

2. Ask a Fun Question

A great way to get people to reply and retweet your posts is by asking a question they want to answer. It could be as simple as asking about their favorite flavor of ice cream or as deep as asking about a childhood memory.

Whatever you choose to ask, phrase it in an inviting way. This makes it so that your audience clicks the reply button before they click the back button.

Don’t forget to use polls for this as well!

Twitter Marketing 5 Great Ideas for Engaging Tweets A Mum Reviews

3. Include Deals and Discounts

No Twitter marketing strategy is complete without offering your followers something special for their loyalty. Exclusive discounts make them feel like their time and energy in following your brand is well worth it.

Even a deal every once in a while is enough to make certain those followers stay around for the long haul. Plus, it can be a big boost to sales!

4. Celebrate Holidays

Everyone loves the holidays and businesses need to engage in these celebrations as well. While the big holidays often get the most appeal, it’s still a great idea to celebrate smaller holidays as well.

Different history months, for example, help raise awareness and shows your values as a company.

5. Tease New Products

Got a new product or service you want to show off? Twitter is a great way to make your digital marketing strategy see newer heights than ever before.

Instead of announcing these new products, give little teasers to build up hype around the announcement. Once you do reveal the product, people will be more excited to get their hands on it.

They’ll be happy customers and you’ll strengthen your branding all in one go!

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Every Business Needs to Get into Twitter Marketing

Marketing of any type requires patience and persistence. With Twitter marketing, however, the chances of you breaking through the silence are much better than any other type of social media marketing. Even more so if you use these tips to your advantage.

So, get out there, use this guide, and start tweeting right away. Your new customers await!

Be sure to browse through the rest of this blog for even more ways to keep your brand trendy and engaging!

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