Update Your Home With Stylish Radiator Valves

Update Your Home With Stylish Radiator Valves A Mum Reviews

Update Your Home With Stylish Radiator Valves

Tired of looking at your old radiators and feeling rather uninspired by them? An easy way to vamp up and make a difference to your home is by adding a stunning set of highly efficient radiator valves that will keep you warm in style!

As autumn is upon us, now is the perfect time to update your space and create a cosy atmosphere in your home.

To help create a toasty warm feeling in your home, UK Radiators stock a variety of thermostatic radiator valves to match your decor style.

These valves include a mechanism that switches off the flow of hot water on an individual radiator once the room temperature has reached its desired temperature. Sometimes these specific types of valves use liquid or wax to help shut off that flow of warm water.

Installing a fashionable yet functional thermostatic valve set is almost like having a boiler thermostat control in your room. While they don’t interact with boilers directly, they efficiently shut off the water supply to the radiator.

Here are a few of my hand-selected favourite thermostatic radiator valves from their collection to help you transform your room.

First, let’s start with the traditional range of thermostatic radiator valves. They are brilliant for homes that have a vintage aesthetic but also want to enjoy the efficiency of advanced thermostatic technology.

An image displaying polished brass radiator valves

You can make a statement with your heating with these elegant polished brass radiator valves. These bold and elegant valves stand out in contrast to black and white radiators and are perfect for more period-looking properties!

They’re also angled valves which are most often used where pipes come out of floorboards to meet radiator connectors on the sides of radiators.

An image displaying chrome corner thermostatic radiator valves

The sophisticated chrome-corner thermostatic radiator valves are such a versatile set that suits any colour radiator. With their stunning shiny and reflective finish, they’re also ideal for installing in small rooms to create extra space.

In comparison to angled valves, corner valves like this chrome set fit perfectly onto radiators where pipework comes out of the wall.

An image displaying copper angled radiator valves.

With copper being such an on-trend colour at the moment, these copper-angled radiator valves are fabulous additions to both period and contemporary homes!

Modern Thermostatic Valves

Are you looking to modernise your room? UK Radiators’ Talus Flair radiator valve set provides a sleek and ultra-modern feature to both contemporary and antique-inspired rooms.

An image displaying white thermostatic angled radiator valves

This pair of white thermostatic angled radiator valves give off a glossy and polished look which would complement a bold or anthracite-coloured radiator.

An image displaying anthracite radiator valves

With grey being such a versatile and on-trend colour, the anthracite radiator valve set helps add a fresh and modern aesthetic to your living room. This pair would look fantastic in a cool-toned Scandinavian and minimalistic decor style room.

So, there you have it! If you’re inspired to update your radiator, check out UK Radiators and shop their eclectic range of exceptional modern and traditional radiator valves.

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