Yo-Yo DESK MINI Standing Desk Review | from Sit-Stand.Com

Yo-Yo DESK MINI Standing Desk Review | Sit-Stand.Com Discount Code

Yo-Yo DESK MINI Standing Desk Review | Sit-Stand.Com Discount Code

I work from home – and in front of a computer most of the time – and had been considering a standing desk for quite a while when Sit-Stand.Com got in touch to see if I wanted to try one of their products.

Before lockdown, I would use our home office to do most of my work but for the past year this has been a shared space with my husband also working from home and I have had to be flexible with where and when I work to fit in homeschooling too. Whilst doing this, I noticed that I quite enjoy standing up and working for parts of the day – I used a kitchen worktop and a chest of drawers upstairs for this which worked fine for short times but was not a permanent solution or the most ergonomic option. It did give me a taste of working on a computer stood up though.

The main reasons I wanted to try a standing desk was for health and posture reasons. The average office worker spends 10 hours sitting each day with 7 of these hours being at the office. That is a lot! Standing up for some of the hours would provide many benefits to health, well-being, and productivity as well.

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We now have a Yo-Yo DESK MINI Standing Desk in our home office that allows my husband and I to use our desk sat down or stood up for different tasks throughout the day. We chose the Yo-Yo DESK MINI as it was the best option for us but Sit-Stand.Com have desks in a large variety of shapes and sizes to fit all needs.

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Yo-Yo DESK MINI Standing Desk Review | Sit-Stand.Com Discount Code

What appealed to me about the Yo-Yo DESK MINI option from Sit-Stand.Com was that it will convert any desk to a standing desk. We already had a desk that we like so we were not looking to replace the whole desk.

The Yo-Yo DESK MINI Standing Desk is available in 2 colours (black and white) and is suitable for workstations with single monitors. It works on smaller desks but is quite deep, so the desk needs to be at least the same depth (59cm). The width is 68cm which works well for us as we can still use the sides of our regular desk to store office equipment.

Yo-Yo DESK MINI Standing Desk Review | Sit-Stand.Com Discount Code

The Yo-Yo DESK MINI is made from high quality materials which makes it very sturdy and smooth to operate but it does also make it very heavy so I would say it is only suitable for use on a sturdy desk underneath. It is also best if there are two people to lift it up onto the desk for the installation.

The installation itself is quick and easy and you even get a screwdriver included so you do not need any tools. The only thing you really need to do is to attach the hinges to the detachable keyboard tray. To be able to use the Yo-Yo DESK MINI in different positions, you also need to make sure the cables for your monitor and keyboard have enough give to move up and down.

Yo-Yo DESK MINI Standing Desk Review | Sit-Stand.Com Discount Code

The unique ergonomic design lets you adjust the desk to any user’s height – there are 15 settings to choose from and the adjustment only takes a second with the smooth easy-press levers on the sides of the desk. They are operated with a gas-strut assisted lift, making it super easy.

My husband was not sure about our new desk at first but was supportive of me wanting to try it out and I wasn’t quite sure either as it is bigger than I had imagined but after trying it out, we are both very happy with the new desk and the fact that we are able to work sat down or stood up.

We find the Yo-Yo DESK MINI very ergonomic to use for working and easy to adjust. We also use a Yo-Yo MAT anti-fatigue mat as recommended by health experts when standing up.

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Our new workstation allows us to have healthier working habits that keep our bodies more active, increases our metabolic rate, helps break down fat, reduce blood sugar levels and boosts oxygen flow to our brains. Both my husband and I have some posture and back pain problems and our new Sit-Stand desk helps encourage us to maintain a good posture too which will help reduce muscle fatigue.

This desk was kindly provided to us for this review. As always, all my reviews are 100% honest and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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