Using a Folding 2 Wheel Dolly for Travel & Other Travel Tips

Using a Folding 2 Wheel Dolly for Travel & Other Travel Tips A Mum Reviews

Using a Folding 2 Wheel Dolly for Travel & Other Travel Tips

While some people have the wonderful privilege of being able to travel light, the truth is most of us find ourselves in the middle of a hassle when it comes to managing our luggage especially when travelling with kids. Lucky for us the messy travellers of the world there are several tools and equipment we can count on to make traveling much easier, and one of these is a folding 2 wheel dolly.

Along with many other useful tricks for traveling, a folding hand truck can become one of the best travel investments you can make to save time, space, and trips back and forth between your car and your hotel room. Read on to find out how you can use this and several other travel hacks.

  • Get a folding 2 wheel dolly for easy travelling

These can also be known as hand trucks, and are one of the most convenient pieces of equipment you can get your hands on to make travelling easy.

A folding hand truck is nothing more than your regular dolly, but made to be ultra-light to be able to carry it anywhere, and also designed to be folded in on itself for easy storage. These are usually made out of light aluminium, and come with sturdy reinforcements to make sure it won’t give out under the weight of your luggage.

Once folded, these dollies can be stored pretty much anywhere, and become life-savers in those trips where there are too many bags to carry at once.

Using a Folding 2 Wheel Dolly for Travel & Other Travel Tips A Mum Reviews

  • Pack smart

Now, if you’re travelling with kids, we know there’s not much you can do about the extra number of bags and suitcases, but you can be smart about the space and the amount of outfits you’ll fit into your luggage.

We know you want the kids and yourself to look amazing on your holiday, but remember that only a few good items of clothing can be combined in a dozen different ways to make up new outfits. Also, always keep in mind how many days and nights you’ll be travelling, where you are going to go, and if you have any special occasions to get ready for.

Always get travel sized containers for your toiletries, and think about what you can get on your destination so you can save a bit of space. Also, if you plan on bringing souvenirs back home, remember that while packing and designate a bit of extra space in your suitcase just for those.

  • Find out if you need charger adapters

Many people remember to take their phone and tablet chargers while travelling, but many more get an unexpected surprise when they discover that the country they are visiting uses completely different wall outlets than what we’re used to.

Make a quick search and find out if you’ll need to get a new adapter for your trip. You can be prepared and get one online prior traveling, or you can buy one once you get to your destination. Getting a wall adapter beforehand will save you time – and battery life -, and will definitely come in handy whenever you need it.

Using a Folding 2 Wheel Dolly for Travel & Other Travel Tips A Mum Reviews

  • A few other things to keep in mind

Your phone can be your best friend when travelling, so make sure you protect it, keep it charged, and equip it with the best apps to help you out on your trip. You can search maps, learn languages, and keep schedules and itineraries in your phone or tablet, as well as keep in touch with the people back home, of course.

Read up as much as you can about the place you’re visiting. You’ll be submerging yourself in another culture, and everything from the food to the language to their view of life can be very different from your own. You can schedule guided tours to learn as much as you can from your destination, you can carry a travel book with you, and you can even chat up the locals for a more personal experience.

Travelling is one of the most exciting and valuable experiences you can get in your lifetime, so make sure to do it properly, avoid any struggles, and enjoy every second of it while you can.

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